Magic Matt Performs “The Matrix” on a Skyva Unresponsive Magic YoYo

Get your Skyva Magic YoYo here.

For all you YoYo fans, here is "The Matrix"

Magic Matt performs on a Skyva Magic YoYo.

In this video Magic Matt performs these YoYo tricks in his home. The narrative of the video is as follows:

Hey everybody!

Magic Matt here from

And I'm here once again stuck at home because of the global Coronavirus pandemic, but I'm still having fun at home with my yo-yo.

Now this is a new YoYo. I haven't used this one before on YouTube.

It's called a Skyva Magic YoYo. It's pretty cool. It's a non responsive or unresponsive YoYo and, I'm going to do a pretty cool trick with it.

I just want to talk a little bit about something.

I think the world needs to wake up.

I was saying this before, it's like the world has gone to sleep.

I don't know if the world has gone to sleep or if it's like we're in some kind of simulation, like a Matrix or something like that. It's crazy. I think I need a red pill. I'm going to take a red pill and get the hell out of this and wake the hell up out of this Coronavirus nightmare simulation crap.

But let's hope it gets back to normal before too long.

I'm really hoping because I want to start selling lots of blinkies for everybody's parties. I want people to be able to go to parties and concerts and have fun. We want to go out again, but right now we're stuck at home.

I'm going to do this trick. It's called "The Matrix." Here we go.

That's the matrix.

Neo here!

Or wait, I'm Morpheus. I don't think I can pull those, either one of those off, but it was fun doing that trick.

Thanks for watching.

Please check out

I'm Magic Matt.

Until next time, you're the man.

You smell great.

Keeping bein g great and hang in there.

Things are getting better.

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