The Ultimate Night Golf Guide in the USA

Transforming the conventional game of golf into a nocturnal spectacle, night golf allows enthusiasts to relish the sport under the twinkling stars, aided by the glow of LED lights and luminescent equipment. This innovative twist extends the golfing hours into the night, making it particularly enticing during the warmer months.

Understanding Night Golf

Night golf is similar to its daytime counterpart but adapted to the dark. Courses are usually equipped with lighted flags, tee boxes, and walkways. Players use glow-in-the-dark or LED golf balls and may also don lighted accessories for safety and an added fun factor. The goal is to offer an engaging and visually stimulating playing experience.

For an unforgettable night golf experience, it's essential to gear up with top-notch, illuminated golf supplies, such as:

Where to Enjoy Night Golf

The U.S. boasts a variety of courses equipped for night golf, from fully-lit 18-hole courses to those offering special events or designated holes for after-dark play. Highlighted locations include:

  • Palmetto Golf Course in Miami, FL: Provides a complete 18-hole night golfing experience with illuminated greens and fairways. More information can be found on their website.
  • Emerald Greens Golf Course in Denver, CO: Celebrated for hosting night golf events featuring glowing balls and targets. Visit their homepage for details.
  • Oak Valley Driving Range & Par-3 Course in Helotes, TX: This venue offers a lit driving range and a 9-hole course for night play, catering to all skill levels. Check out their official site for more.

Spotlight on Night Golf Events

Night golf events, renowned for their lively atmosphere complete with music, food, and sometimes costumes, range from casual get-togethers to competitive tournaments. These events not only provide golfers with a novel experience but also draw visitors to courses during quieter hours.

Elevate Night Golf with Supplies

The key to a spectacular night golfing experience lies in the proper equipment. offers a plethora of products to light up the game:

  • The LED Flag Stick and Rechargeable Flag Target Light ensure clear navigation and visibility of each hole.
  • Glow Stick Golf Balls in various hues and LED Golf Balls transform every shot into a visually striking spectacle, making it easy for players to track their balls sans flashlight.
  • Jumbo Glow Sticks are perfect for marking hazards, boundaries, or even for adding a glow to the players themselves.


Night golf introduces a thrilling variation to the classic sport, inviting golfers of every age and skill level to partake in memorable rounds beneath the stars. By arming themselves with the latest glow-in-the-dark and LED golf technologies from, players are guaranteed not just a fun, but a luminous night golf venture.

Whether you're a golf veteran seeking a fresh challenge or a newcomer desiring a fun, relaxed setting, night golf offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the sport. With the right equipment and knowledge