Magic Matt has Fun at Home Horsing Around and Performs "Gyroscopic Flop" on his Aurora LED YoYo

Hey Magic Matt from here.

It's time to have some fun.

We're stuck at home, but that doesn't mean we have to have a terrible time.

We can have some fun and I know that.

I like to make sure my kids are entertained and my daughter loves this toy.

My daughter loves this unicorn wand.

She likes to actually like ride it like giddyup giddyup giddyup on the unicorn cause it actually makes the cool little [noise], it's got the spinning lights and it makes the cool [sounds].

She, loves this.

You got the whole William Tell Overture and everything.

And then my daughter, you could imagine her doing this.

I mean it looks funny with me doing it but hey, I'm doing it for you guys to show you we can have fun at home.

Wven if we're stuck at home, we can still have a good time and ride around on a little unicorn.

Yeah, that's right. Now that's pretty good trick.

But I've got another trick for ya.

I'm going to show you another trick.

This is a cool trick with a light up yoyo. Now, this is a really nice yoyo, a beautiful light up yo-yo.

It's called, an Aurora and it's by Magic YoYo. Really nice yoyo with, the cool, lavender colored lights, pink, pinkish, lavender lights.

If you can see that on the camera, they're very pretty.

I'm doing a couple of just sleeper tricks right now, but I'm going to show you a trick. It's called Gyroscopic Flop.

That's right. Magic Matt performs Gyroscopic Flop.

Now this trick is a very special trick because we've all seen the yoyo go like this. When it spins around it's axle. We, we just throw it down there. You see it spinning around one axle. But imagine having the yoyo spin in two different directions at once.

That's what I'm going to attempt.

I'm going to make the yoyo spin not only around its axle, but around the axis of the string as well.

So let's see if Magic Matt can pull it off and get the yoyo back in his hand.

Got the yoyo back in hand, all wound up, ready to go.

Now, this is what I'm going to do.

I'm going to throw all the yoyo down.

I'm going to whip the stream down and catch the yoyo in a special way, and then I'm going to bring the yoyo up and then I'm going to pull it taut in a certain way that the gyroscopic action makes the yoyo actually turn in the X axis, let's call it, it's already spinning in the Y axis. Now I'm going to make it also spin in the X axis, so it's going to be spinning in two directions at once, like a gyroscope.

It's a gyroscopic effect, hence the name gyroscopic flop.

And if you're ready, I shall begin.

There's my fast sleeper.

Now I'm going to grab the string, pinch it, throw with the string down and catch it, and as I pull it up, I'm going to give it, pull it taut and look at that. I'm coaxing it. It's going around like a gyroscope around and around and around.

Let's see if I can make it go full turn. Yes, we've got a full turn and then it comes out and I got to get it back to my head and there we go,

Hooray. Applause. Thank you. Check out Magic Matt, blink all the cool toys.

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