Take Holiday Sparkle with You Wherever You Go

The Final touch

Wear a flashing and festive necklace to proclaim your love of the holiday season as you visit the shops looking for that perfect gift, and bring a smile to the faces of everyone who passes by. Whether you're expecting a season of party-going or plan to stay in by the fire this year, twinkling lights on a strand around your neck make the perfect items for spreading festive cheer. If you have a costume you want to adorn or are planning on playing Santa at your work function, adding one of these necklaces can be an ideal final touch to your costume.

Don't let the Christmas tree outshine you this holiday season. With your own set of twinkling lights, you'll be the center of attention in any room you enter, sparkling with the ever changing hues of a classic and festive strand of colored bulbs. It's no easy task finding a product this perfect to finish your holiday ensemble. Pair them with your outfit when you attend a party with friends or use them to embellish your most fantastical Christmas sweater when attending a lighthearted get-together. Light whatever room you're in with a festive glow that brings the spirit of the season wherever you are.

Elevate Any Occasion

You can turn the lights on with a simple click of the hidden button, changing the pulse of the bulbs from a steady illumination to a lighthearted blinking to suit your mood or the festive spirit of the occasion. If you decide to turn the lights off completely, you'll still have the charming design of the necklace itself, which can make a fun statement all on its own. Wear several and vary the speed of the blinking to surround yourself with a twinkling array of festive lights in a display that will elevate any occasion.

Turn Heads When You Walk into a Room.

Hitting just the right length to make the best use of its cheerful lights, your necklace fits together with a clasp that can be easily managed by all ages. The twinkling lights are powered by small but brilliant LED bulbs that illuminate instantly. Their long lasting hues will give you hours and hours of enjoyment and endure for as long as you need them to shine. For an even bigger statement, string several strands together to extend the length or fullness of your visual display and really turn heads when you walk into a room.

Cheerful Lights

Small but powerful batteries stowed inside a hidden element fuel these cheerful lights for longer than the festivities last. Use them again and again throughout the festive season as you visit friends, spend time with family, shop for gifts, enjoy a tree lighting ceremony or go out caroling with your neighbors. Whether you plan on shipping one to a friend or are going to wear a strand yourself right away, the batteries will have the longevity to last until long after the fun is over.

Buy in Bulk

You don't need Amazon, Walmart or Party City to make an illuminated spectacle at your next holiday gathering. Save yourself the hassle of searching Dollar Tree for something appropriate and order a necklace from us to decorate your outfit for your next party. You can even buy them in bulk and hand them out to family and friends so everyone can enjoy the magic. If you were planning to send a plate of home baked cookies to your neighbors this year, consider shaking things up by delivering the surprise of an illuminated Christmas necklace instead and bask in their appreciation of your originality. You can even consider shipping them to friends far away to bring them some Christmas cheer.