Blinkee Meets Darcy Donavan, #CryptoQueen
Darcy Donavan Headshot

Luck was on Our Side

Luck is a state of mind. The luckier you say you are, the luckier you will feel.

Another word for luck is grace. Gratitude begets grace.

In 2007 I was fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of a lovely friend, Darcy Donavan.

It's a mystery just exactly where we met online, but we started helping each other out before long.

We were honored to sponsor some product giveaways and promotions for her live events and TwitterSpaces over the years.

Custom Darcy Donavan "Crypto Queen" Gold Plated Promo Banknote

When Darcy's team asked us what custom product they should get for their upcoming crypto show, NFT Expoverse Los Angeles 2022, I figured the best thing would be to get one of our customized 24 Karat Gold Plated Promotional Bank Notes.

I can't help bragging that these were truly a hit at the Expoverse. This was one of the more popular swag items available. I know this because Darcy was kind enough to get me into the show as a VIP and it was a huge blast!

I would also like to thank Darcy's design team for providing such incredible artwork that made our production job so rewarding. Their design is truly perfect for Darcy's brand and really makes the most of the shimmering gold holographic medium. Darcy's fans at the show were lavished with her awesome free swag items. Darcy was very generous with her time there too!

My experience working with Darcy and her team was an eye opener.

Darcy was a featured speaker at the event and her preparation and delivery were the pinnacle of professionalism. The crowd was really into it, and her executive assistant Becca was the swagmaster with the crowd. Becca was on call from Darcy to facilitate the toss-outs!

Their whole operation was top-notch. Darcy, her team, and their associates, really wowed everyone at the show. Her booth was outstanding and her whole team treated me like family.

Look how gracious and kind she is in this tik tok we did:


Magic Matt with Darcy Donavan “Crypto Queen” at NFT Expoverse #nft #crypto #darcydonavan

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Darcy, thank you for the opportunity to learn from such a consummate professional!