Yeehaw, Light Up LED Cowboy Hats

Yeehaw, cowboys, and cowgirls! Get ready for another wild night out with your friends and family because we have another fantastic product to share with you today: Light up LED cowboy hats! Yes, you heard it right. We’re talking about this dazzling item that has been the talk of the town at almost every party these days.

The Light Up LED Cowboy Hat gives a fun, modern twist to traditional cowboy hats. While it has that same high-crowned, wide-brimmed appearance of a typical North American cowboy hat, there is one thing that makes this product rather different from its forerunners. And that is the miniature LED lights that are adorned all across the brim of the hat. 

How it works

These lights operate through a battery that is attached to the inside of the hat. When you first receive your hat, you need to remove the piece of paper or plastic that is covering that battery. After that, all you need to do to activate the lights is to simply press the button beneath that covering.

Different modes of lighting

Here’s another fun feature of this product: when you turn on the light, you’ll be able to switch between three different modes of lighting. These modes are flashing, blinking, and steady lighting. Each time you want to switch from one lighting to another, you just have to press the button until you get the look that you are satisfied with. 

The colours and designs

There are several different colors available, which you can order to style according to your outfit for your event. If you want to go for a cheerful look, you can request a sparkling silver hat. Or, if you’re going to appear enigmatic, you can try a darker shade such as black or blue. Or maybe, if you’re feeling incredibly bold, you can even try out a bright red, which is sure to make you stand out at any party. 

These hats are also available in different themes, such as with the design of the American flag. By wearing this hat on the fourth of July, you can fashionably showcase your patriotism. For the cowgirl who always dreamed of being royalty, there’s also a light-up cowgirl hat with a tiara fixed on its band to fulfill those dreams. There’s even a light up Santa Claus Cowboy hat, which really gets you into the Christmas spirit, no matter where or when you wear it. 

The shape of these hats not only makes them extremely comfortable to wear on your head, but it gives quite a visually appealing quality to it as well. The material that is used to construct them is undoubtedly first-rate. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of the sides of your hat flopping down.

There are also holes on both sides to allow for proper ventilation. Additionally, the fabric on the inside of this hat is very soft, so you don’t have to worry about feeling itchy or uncomfortable during the long hours you might be wearing this hat at parties or concerts.

Quality & Safety

For those who might be concerned about the safety aspect of this product, rest be assured. The batteries used in these hats have a low mercury content, and they have been approved by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). This means that these batteries are safe to use and are more environmentally friendly than other batteries. Furthermore, they are easily replaceable, so you can continue to dazzle everyone around you year after year with your flashy hat!

Another concern that customers often have regarding hats is whether or not the hat will actually fit them. Let us assure you that there is absolutely no reason to fret! These hats are available in one size fits most, up to 23 inches. And if it still feels a bit too big for you, there is always some extra padding that you can use so that it fits snug around your head. 

Where to wear?

So where can you wear this brilliant accessory? From costume parties to concerts, funfairs to sporting events such as rodeos, these cowboy hats can add some pizzazz to just about any outfit you own for any occasion. You can wear one next time you hit the dance floor with your friends or to an outdoor BBQ party with your relatives. You can wear one as part of your whole cowboy or cowgirl costume for Halloween. Or in the case of the Santa Claus hat that we mentioned before, you can even wear it during Christmas!

And if it ends up raining during one of these outdoor events, we have more good news for you! Our Light Up LED Cowboy Hats are entirely water-resistant. Even if that downpour puts a damper on your exciting plans for that outdoor BBQ party, you can always brighten up the mood by switching on the lights on your hat!

Why be the only one lighting up the night with your shining apparel? Our Light Up LED Cowboy Hats are also great gifts to give to your loved ones for their birthdays. What better gift can there be than to tear open the gift wrapping and find the lights of this flamboyant hat winking up at you?

Where can you get it?

Magic Matt’s Brilliant Blinky’s is a great place where to get yourself one of these awesome hats. Home to several of the most appealing and brightest LED accessories, this brand does not disappoint when it comes to Light Up LED Cowboy Hats ! You can order all of the colors we mentioned above from this store along with several others.

So, cowboys and cowgirls, what are you waiting for? It’s time to snatch that Light Up LED Cowboy Hat out of your closet and brighten the world with your radiance. Wearing this fabulous hat, you’re sure to have a hog-killin’ time at any party!