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Light Up Flashing Fleur De Lis Cowboy Hat


🌟 Be the sparkle of the soirée with Warm White LEDs that bring a cozy glow to any festivity, perfect for Mardi Gras nights.

🔁 Hassle-free fun with easily replaceable CR2032 batteries, ensuring your hat is always the highlight of the party.

📏 Generous dimensions at 15 inches long, 9.5 inches wide, and 5 inches tall, making a grand statement with comfort.

🎩 Simple activation: a pull tab removal and a button press inside the hat unleash a trio of lighting wonders.

💃 Dance the night away with a Flash setting that mimics the rhythm of your best moves.

😉 Capture attention with the Blink function, offering a playful wink of light with every glance.

✨ A Steady glow setting for a constant radiance that guides you through the revelry of Mardi Gras.

🎉 The hat is not just an accessory but a statement piece that lights up your ensemble and the streets.

🍀 Adorned with a regal Fleur De Lis, symbolizing the spirit and tradition of the festivities.

👑 Crafted for the ultimate parade enthusiast, this hat is the crown jewel of any Mardi Gras costume.

Quantity Price
1-2 $7.99
3-5 $7.97
6-11 $7.94
12-47 $7.92
48-95 $7.89
96-239 $7.84
240-479 $7.79
480-959 $7.74
960+ $7.59

Howdy partners! 🤠 Let me tip my brim and introduce myself—I’m the Light Up Flashing Fleur De Lis Cowboy Hat, the most electrifying thing to hit the Mardi Gras parade since the invention of beads.

I ain’t your ordinary ten-gallon hat, no siree. I’m the rodeo king of the night, decked out in a vibrant green with sequins that’ll sparkle brighter than a new sheriff’s badge. And smack dab in the middle, I’ve got a Fleur De Lis that’s not just a symbol of nobility, but of downright party royalty.

Now let’s talk about what makes me shine. My LED colors are Warm White, like a campfire under the bayou moon, sure to guide your parade path and dazzle the crowd.

Running on two CR2032 batteries, which you can swap faster than a jackrabbit on a date, I’m built for the long haul. Keep the hootenanny going all night long!

I measure a full 15″ x 9.5″ x 5″, big enough to make a statement but just the right size to navigate through a crowd or duck under a low-swinging Mardi Gras float.

Activating me is easier than pie. Just remove the pull tab, press the button hidden inside my cozy interior, and voilà! You’re cycling through my 3 LED functions: a Flash that’s quicker than a gunslinger, a Blink that’s as playful as a square dance, and a Steady glow that’s as constant as the North Star.

So, if you’re looking to add a little giddy-up to your get-up, I’m the hat for the job. Whether you’re two-stepping down Bourbon Street or just want to stand out in the crowd, let’s kick up some dust and light up the night, Mardi Gras style!

Don’t settle for being just another face in the parade. Strap me on and be the marshal of merriment, the duke of dance, the sovereign of sparkle. Let’s lasso the moon, y’all! 🌙✨

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