Magic Matt performs “Triple or Nothing” on a Skyva Unresponsive Magic YoYo

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Matt returns to the Fairfax Creek to perform a newly learned but fairly easy YoYo trick. He hits the trifecta and avoids oblivion.

The transcript of the video follows:

Here I am one more time at the Fairfax Creek and I'm going to show you one more trick. Didn't know I'd be back here so soon, but hey, I love it here. It's a beautiful day, lovely, perfect weather. You're surrounded by the redwoods and the Creek. Couldn't ask for much more on this afternoon.

So I got this trick for you and it's not the hardest trick in the world, but I just learned it. I mean, I never tried to practice it very much. I've been able to do man on the flying trapeze and his brother and double or nothing for a long time, but I just started practicing "Triple or Nothing" a couple of days ago.

So I'm going to do "Triple or Nothing" and it goes like this:

That's triple or nothing. Then we can drop all this and unwind into the man on the flying trapeze and I can go for a couple seconds here.

It's great to see you. You smell great.

I better get this back before it starts to tilt too much.

Oh, it's tilting. I'll fix it. Let's straighten it out a little bit.

Okay, so now I'm just going to bring it back to my hand and we'll see you next time.

Take care.