“YoYo Cup Tipping” & the Origin of Blinkee.com

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Magic Matt performs his amazing YoYo cup tipping and recounts the story of Blinkee.com.

It all started with a party purchase of a light up doodads and launched Matt’s street vending of flashing favors. While busking Blinkees, Matt created YoYo cup tipping, using a cup of change as a YoYo prop.

The narrative of the video follows:

Hey everybody, Magic Matt here from Blinkee.com

And you know I started Blinkee.com about 15 years ago when I was a web developer. I was a freelance web developer at the time and I was doing websites for John Gray who wrote the book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus and I used to work on his website, MarsVenus.com.

Actually I totally redid his website and I did another couple of his websites called MarsVenusInstitute.com and MarsVenusCounselors.com et cetera, et cetera.

I also worked for a company called, Levin, Breidenbach, Wade which was a graphic arts company and I did websites for them.

(Now my website isn't the greatest thing in the world, but it's, it's looking better than it has in the past.) But so at that time I was doing that. I was a web developer, freelance doing pretty well. It was a good career.

Also, I was going to San Francisco Giants games because I love the Giants and I was trying to catch a Barry Bonds home run and I came close to a couple of times. I was near the scrum a couple of times when people were just like mad rushing and huge almost fights would break out like mosh pits or something like that. (Can't wait until we can go to baseball games again, by the way.) Anyway, so I never caught a Barry bonds home run. I even made this huge net, I mean really big. Like the circle for the net was like 10 feet or something and I had netting and a long pole and I stood back behind, the stadium right by McCovey Cove where, sometimes, Barry Bonds would hit them and they would go in the water. But first, sometimes they would go on, the sidewalk there and I would try to catch it with this big huge net. I never call it that way either. But this whole thing was fun.

And this is what I was doing this until one day something incredible happened. That's right. Something INCREDIBLE happened.

I went to a party and it was a party called Anon Salon. It had to do with Burning Man.

So Anon Salon was one of the camps at Burning Man and there was a guy at the party and he called himself "Light God" and he was selling light up stuff and this is when the stuff was brand new and I hadn't seen it before. One this he was selling was a little magnetic earring. It had two little magnets, one in the front and then one in the back and you sandwich them together and you put it on your ear and you twist the front and it lights up and flashes.

I bought one of those actually for a girlfriend that I had at the time and she loved it. And then I kind of liked it too and we started wearing these for fun when we would go to other events, like going dancing, going to bars. (Yes, I do want the dancing and the bars to come back now.)

Anyhow, we would wear these out and people started asking us about them, "Hey, what is that? Where'd you get that? Hey, what is that? Where'd you get that?" And you know, at first I was like, Oh, I got it from this guy Light God until something clicked. And I went out and found them for a pretty good price and I bought a couple hundred and then the next time somebody asked, I had 10 in my pocket when I was out and I would say, yeah, this is something I sell, they're five bucks.

And so people started buying them from me and it was great because it would pay for our cover charge or drinks that night. And then because I was going to these San Francisco Giants games, I decided to take them there and I was doing guerrilla marketing and I was selling them in the stands. I started walking around the stadium, selling them, and if I saw a security guard, I'd walk up to him and give him one and just gift it to him. And he would, the security guards would leave me alone. A couple of times the security guards messed with me and said, "you can't do that here." And I would say, "okay, no problem." And I had them all over me and I had a Giants hat with them all over it and all over my clothes. And I would just take them all off and then walk around to the other side of the stadium and then put them all back on and start selling again. So yeah, I was a bad boy, but it worked out. I even started selling them in the bleachers, like a peanut vendor.

But that led to me selling them all over the place like in the financial district of San Francisco, at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, and Union Square in San Francisco. And, so I was selling them all over the place.

So one time while I was in the financial district, I came across another street vendor and he was selling big, bulky stuff like hats and scarves and stuff. And he saw me selling these little teeny lights and I was selling them so well, and he liked that they were tiny. He's like "I'll by a hundred from you right now." So he bought a hundred and then he became my wholesale customer basically. And then I started my website because I already knew how to do the website thing.

I built a website, Blinkee.com. At first I called it Wear-Flashing-Jewelry.com and if you look in the Wayback machine archive.org, you can see my funky website from 15 years ago. And then I shortened that. It was a little bit hard to convey that over the phone. And it was called MattsBlinkys.com and then I lucked out and came up with Blinkee.com I wanted Blink with a Y but it wasn't available. So I got Blink Double-E DotCom, Blinkee.com.

So anyway, when I was out and about and on the street selling these lights, sometimes I busted out my yoyo cause you know, maybe it was a slow moment or I would try and attract some attention. And so what I would do is I would have a cup in front of me like this and I would take some change and I would put it in the cup or somebody would throw some change in the cup.

But usually, I don't know if you know about street performing or they also call it busking. You know, you put a little prime, you put a little something in the cup to start out to just to get things moving along so people will see the money in the cup and then they get the idea. So I would start out with some change in the cup, like so. And, I originated some cup yo-yo tricks. Now, I never saw anybody else do it. So I claim that I originated it.

So I'm going to show you some really cool yo-yo tricks involving this cup. And it's kinda like the girl with the cup and the music thing. Maybe, something like that. Maybe I'll go viral with this. Who knows? It's a yo-yo cup video.

So this is it. And this is really cool cause it's kind of dusky out here. It's getting a little bit dark. And I got my Aurora by Magic yo-yo light up yo-yo with pink lights. Really pretty. And it's going to look really cool. Glowing inside the cup too. So check it out.

Everybody, Thanks for watching.

That was YoYo cup tipping - busking for quarters and change with my Aurora by Magic yo-yo light up yoyo.  Link, in the description where you can get yours.

Thanks for watching.


Magic Matt.

You smell delicious.  Talk to you soon. See you next time.

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