Magic Matt Performs “Splitting the Atom” on a Light Up Aurora LED YoYo by Magic YoYo

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Hey everybody, Magic Matt here from

And once again, I'm stuck at home because of the global coronavirus pandemic.

And even though I'm stuck at home, I'm still having fun at home.

And I'm coming up with new tricks to show you. And new gags, new segues for my tricks.

So for instance, I realized that growing up we were always worried and we were always made to be worried by the news and the media that there was going to be some kind of, you know, nuclear war and it was going to start with Russia.

But instead, now we have this biological threat that started with China.

So anyway, in honor of NOT having a nuclear war, this trick is called splitting the atom.

Here it goes.

Thanks everybody. That's splitting the atom.

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Magic Matt

See you next time.

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