Magic Matt Performs “Helicopter” on a K1 by MagicYoYo

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Hey everybody, Magic Matt here from - That's blink double-E dotcom.

And as you know, we're stuck at home because of the global coronavirus pandemic.

But while we're stuck at home, that doesn't mean we can't have fun and it doesn't mean we have to stay inside.

I'm here in my backyard and I have this beautiful backyard and I came out here because I can't really do this trick inside with the low ceilings.

So now I don't have a ceiling, I just have the sky for my ceiling.

So I'm going to do this trick. It's called the helicopter.

I'm going to do the trick using my K1 magic yoyo.

It's called the helicopter.

And the way it works is I'm going to fling the YoYo over my head.

I'm going to whip it around and it's going to come down. And then I'm going to leap over the yoyo and then it's going to come back around and, it's going to go into a sleeping beauty and then I'm going to whip it back to my hand.

And when I do, I want to see lots of likes. And subscribes.

If you were here, I would expect a roaring, loud round of applause, but I'll settle for the likes and subscribes.

All right, so here we go.

Magic Yoyo.

Oh yeah.


That's the helicopter.

Thank you for watching Magic Matt,, Blinke double-E dotcom

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Until next time. Stay safe.

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