Magic Matt of Performs an Incredible Rope Trick Wearing a LED Light Up Flashing Cowboy Hat

Hey everybody.

I know we're all stuck at home and it's unfortunate, but we don't have to have a miserable time.

We can still have fun while we're stuck at home.

Take it from me. Magic Matt.

I strapped on my light up cowboy hat, and I got my rope here and I'm here to do a rope trick.

I'm even going to teach you how it's done.

So starts off with just a regular rope.

I got my warriors collar rope.

Go warriors!

Actually the warriors got saved there. They were doing miserably and the season got canceled, so that's a big joke on everybody else.

Okay, so enough about the warriors, but yeah, this is a plain rope as you can see.

No knots, no knots. It's a straight rope.

What I'm going to do is I'm going to take the rope and toss it so that a knot forms into it. I'm going to toss a knot into the rope just just with my hands.

Okay, here we go.

Oh, okay. First try!

If I pull the end of the rope, you'll see we've got to figure eight knot.

Can you see that?

And then I'll show you how it's done.

It's a pretty cool trick.

I mean like if you're hanging from a cliff, you know, and you have the end of the rope and you need to attach it onto something before you fall to your death, then you can fling it. If you don't have your hand, your other hand's holding onto the cliff. And then you've got one hand, you can fling the rope and make a knot and then you'll save yourself.

So this is actually a more than just a trick.

It's, you know, for when we can go back out and you're doing some rock climbing. Here's a life saving tip. Okay?

So what you do is you hold the rope, like so you, you hold, we call this a bite.

You grab a bite in the rope and you hold the end of the rope. And using your wrist, you're going to flick the rope like this.

And when you flick it, if you can see that it forms a loop, it actually, it, it doubles it up there.

The loop stayed in on this, on this try. So that's perfect for demonstration.
Then now when that loop is there, it'll be a very fleeting moment. You have to toss end of the rope through the loop, and then you end up with the figure eight knot.

So now I'll show you in fast motion again, showing how that's done.

Form the loop and toss. And then you end up with the figure eight knot.

So everybody, we're going to be bringing you more and more tips and tricks from, Magic Matt.

So check it out. We've got some great stuff you can have for fun at home. Light up toys. Check us out.

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