@player1taco.eth hey Taco thanks for speaking to these tiktokers. Fun meeting you!

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Hey, Matt here and I got a good friend taco wants to tell you a little bit about himself and what he's working on.

Here’s Taco,

Hello, hello, player one taco coming to you live from NFT Las Vegas conference. We're on day two is going to be really awesome to see all the different projects that are here. There's so many things that we're on chain activities. And moving forward with kind of different ideas, there’s really pushing in women of colors, women voices, disinfranchise voices of having to say Mental Health even which is really cool to see.

I know that’s really big and true to my heart

One of the best things about this conference is I host spaces, and I'm in a lot of spaces and stuff like that. And somehow I got connected to an individual that needed help with her autistic son, and lo and behold, that didn't even know we talked the day before the conference.

Wait, We're going there, too.

So actually got to meet them and provide a little bit of support just experiences I've been working social services for 20 years, IRL before moving to web three full time. And so that was one of the coolest events.

Alright, were, wer, were what website would you like to direct anybody, Taco?

orbis 86.

O R B I S 8 6 dot I O

Okay. Great. dot io.

Hey, thanks a lot, Taco!