Here's the Deal


♬ original sound - Matt Jacobs

So, I didn't really explain what the deal was. So, I've been hooked up with this young lady influencer Darcy Donavan for several years. I donated some stuff for her events a couple of times. And so this year, she and her crew called me up, and they wanted to do a custom order or some Blinky products. So they ordered these pens right here that light up and have their logo on them - Income Island. And they also call these bills right here like $100 bills. You've seen me, and I made these custom-made for them. And then they invited me out to this NFT conference where they're giving out this stuff, and Darcy's a speaker, and they got me a VIP pass. So I flew out here to LA, and I'm at this crypto conference, and now I'm going to the after party for today.