Farewell Donald Trump

Whether or not you are a Trump supporter, one thing most of us can agree on is that he is no longer president.

Most of US

I say “Most of us” because there is still a contingent of die-hard Trump Supporters that believe he will again be president come March 4, 2021 The narrative is that a law was secretly passed in 1871 which turned the U.S. into a corporation, and all laws passed since don’t count.

Documents, regarding the 1871 act, perportedly show Trump will be sworn in on March 4. 

QAnon followers believe that Trump will become the 19th president of the original republic, and not the corporation that they believe the 1871 act created. 

Trump Fire Sale

At Blinkee.com we are of the belief that Joe Biden is the president for the next four years, so we are closing out our Donald Trump Inventory. You’ll find all Trump merchandise at 50% off.