Honor Our Military With These Memorial Day Gifts and Party Ideas

If you’re fortunate enough to have a veteran in your family or friends group, you should celebrate them! Veterans are some of the bravest and most self-sacrificial among us.

And Memorial Day will be here before we know it. Because of this, we’ve put together a bunch of ideas for fun, personal Memorial Day gifts.

Fun Memorial Day Gifts

Memorial Day can be a somber occasion, especially if you’ve lost loved ones in wars past. But if you are looking to celebrate the day in a lighter way, these are some fun Memorial Day ideas to use. 

Light Up Hats

This gift idea is perfect if you’re hosting a Memorial Day party and want your friends to get in a festive mood. Light up hats take into account the patriotism of the day while keeping things playful. 

Hosting a barbeque? Looking for Memorial Day party ideas? Try building the theme around lights, fireworks, or red, white, and blue. Light up hats will add the perfect touch.

Blinking Necklace

Similarly, you can get your party guests festive Memorial Day blinking necklaces. These are especially great for evening parties and can come in a variety of styles.

Find the ones that speak to your Memorial Day party themes the best. Then surprise your guests when they arrive. We promise they’ll be a hit!

DIY Flag Banner or Garland

This is a fun project that can be a gift or serve as decoration at your Memorial Day barbeque or dinner party. There are a couple of ways you can go about this project.

For a tassel garland, pick out a few different patriotic fabrics. Cut each fabric into thin strips and join 3-5 strips together with red, white, or blue ribbon. Make 10-15 tassels and string them together with twine or more ribbon. 

For a flag banner, you can use fabric again or patriotic construction paper. Try to find patterns that incorporate stars and stripes. Then cut the material into triangle shapes.

If you’re using fabric, fold down the edges and sew them to get rid of loose threads. Alternatively, you can attach the fabric to a cardboard backing. If you’re using paper, make sure you cut each triangle evenly.

Once done, you can use clothespins to hang the triangles onto a piece of string or twine. Your garland will add a cute, DIY feel to your party or make a thoughtful gift for a friend who loves to decorate.

Red, White, and Blue Flower Crown

Flower crowns are a sweet way to gift your friends with a festive accessory. They also feel super appropriate for summertime.

If you’ve got female friends who served, red, white, and blue flower crowns may be the perfect gift. They balance patriotism and acknowledgment of service with femininity.

Meaningful Memorial Day Gifts

You may be feeling more sentimental this Memorial Day. Or maybe you want to celebrate an older family member or friend who served.

You may know someone who lost a child or a spouse in battle. Sending a more meaningful gift can let those people know you’re thinking of them on a tough day.

If you’re looking to make a meaningful gesture, these gift ideas are for you.

Personal Engraving

A personal engraving is a really special way to celebrate an important veteran in your life. Engraved gifts are the kinds of keepsakes that are cherished forever. From rock paperweights to candle holders, you can engrave almost anything. 

Personalized jewelry is an especially thoughtful gift. If you’ve served alongside some of your friends, consider getting matching pieces. If you’re shopping for men, engraved dog tags or cufflinks may fit their style better.

Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements are considered a classic gift for a reason. Flowers give the gift of beauty and life.

Select red, white, and blue flowers to add a patriotic flair to the arrangement. You can also check out Pinterest for ideas to reference when you look for your own arrangements.

Flowers also make the perfect gift for friends or family members who are farther away. You can order flowers in almost any city that will be delivered straight to your veteran’s door. Don’t forget to add a thoughtful note to make the gift extra meaningful.

Then-and-Now Photo Frame

A then-and-now photo frame is a really special way to honor an older veteran in your family. Buy a photo frame with space for two 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 photos. Make sure you choose a frame color that your family member would like. 

Then find a photo of them when they were actively serving in the military. It could be their boot camp graduation photo or a photo from their service during a war. It could be their wedding photo if they got married in uniform. 

Then find a similar photo from more recent days. Choose a photo where they’re standing in a similar posture or with the same people. If you use their wedding photo, try to use another photo of them with their spouse. 

This is a special way to commemorate not only your loved one’s military service but their life as well. It’s a great way to express your appreciation and admiration.

Throw a Memorial Day Party

Get your friends and family together for this one. The best gift you can give is your time and your friendship. So show the veterans in your life that you appreciate their service. Throw them a Memorial Day party.

To give it the perfect start-of-summer feel, why not make it a barbeque? You can make a build-your-own-burger bar or grill some hotdogs for a festive afternoon. If you want it to feel more collaborative, host a potluck picnic in your favorite park.

Veterans Are Always Worth Celebrating

If you’re still unsure what Memorial Day gifts to get your friends or family, don’t overthink it. The best gifts come from the heart and reflect the person you’re giving them to.

Consider writing a thoughtful letter or simply sending a card. Sometimes the smallest gestures can mean the most. 

If you’re still looking for ideas, check out some of our other fun gifts on our website.