Don't Worry, Be Hoppy With These Eggs-ellent Bunny Ears

No Eggs-cuses

You've got no eggs-cuses left now. Even if you don't "carrot" all about costumes, dressing for an Easter event has never been easier thanks to charming light-up bunny ear headbands that take just seconds to put on. Keep a set on hand for any spring occasion and celebrate in thematic style. From parties to parades to raves, you really can't go wrong when you're crowned with a set of light-up bunny ears.

Bunny Ears for Easter

Naturally, Easter is the prime holiday event that calls for a bunny ears headband. Whether you're planning on dressing up as the Easter Bunny himself or you just want to get into the spirit of the occasion, these light-up bunny ears make the perfect finishing touch for your holiday festivities. LED technology meets cute plush detailing for a design that's perfect to wear to an Easter egg hunt or other spring event. If you're a preschool teacher, wearing a pair of these will be an instant hit with the toddler crowd.

Pastel Bunny Ears

Decorate an Easter basket with a set of ears or greet the kids on the morning of the holiday wearing your own pair as a surprise. If you're planning on taking some lighthearted portraits of the kids for the Easter holiday to share with relatives, forgo the traditional bonnet in favor of something more whimsical and kid-friendly. The pastel colors will match an Easter outfit and add a special extra touch of holiday spirit to any family photographs.

Of course, your average costume party is also the perfect opportunity for dressing up as a cute bunny. Add the headband to a coordinated ensemble or wear it alone for an easy dress-up option that takes just a few seconds to prepare. The LED lights in some of the bunny ears headband styles have multicolored hues for an eye-catching detail that elevates these ears to the next level. Whether you plan to go as a classic bunny or want to spice up an adult outfit with bunny ears, they're a fun detail that will act as the perfect final touch.

Halloween Bunny

While most people don't find bunnies particularly terrifying, Halloween is an opportunity to branch out beyond scary costumes. The black light-up bunny ears headband features a rainbow of LED hues and will coordinate nicely with just about any outfit. You can also pass out candy using these handy ears as a quick and convenient costume. Their light-up nature makes them excellent for visiting house to house after the sun goes down, as they're highly visible to fellow trick-or-treating pedestrians and passing cars. A costume incorporating these ears is also bound to stand out from the ordinary mix of superhero and horror costumes, and the blinking lights make them a unique and vibrant part of your outfit.

Birthday Bunny

Bunny ears headbands are also a fun component of a themed birthday party. For Beatrix Potter fans young and old, the bunny ears will help to get everyone into the spirit of the moment. If you're looking for a clever table centerpiece, place a basket of real or artificial flowers in the middle of the table and embellish it with a bunny ears headband. The gently flashing lights will add to the whimsical effect, or you could leave the lights off and just enjoy the fur detailing and subtle coloring already in place.

Bulk Bunny Ears

You can even order bunny ears headbands in bulk to hand out as a party favor when your guests arrive or just place them in a charming woven basket on the buffet table for guests to pick out a set at their leisure. If you're on the receiving end of a bunny themed birthday invitation, decorate the gift you plan to bring with a set of bunny ears as the final extra-special touch to your gift wrapping.

Adult Bunny Ears

Even though bunny ears headbands are a natural fit for kids' parties, adults can get in on the fun when brainstorming a theme for an expecting mom's baby shower. Bunny-themed decorations, a carrot cake and adorable light-up bunny ears will set the tone for a sweet party to celebrate the exciting days ahead. If you're planning a gender-reveal party to announce your baby to friends and family, a bunny theme has plenty of possibilities. Tease your guests with both Peter Rabbit and Lily Bobtail decorations and keep them guessing to the very end. Add your light-up bunny ears headbands for the proud parents-to-be to wear or plan for extras so everyone attending can have a pair.

Bunny Cakes

Any bunny themed party can start with a cake either in the shape of a rabbit or designed to look like a farmer's vegetable garden. Add treats to the buffet table like sugar cookies in bunny shapes and include a jar filled with large white marshmallows labeled as "bunny tails" for guests to nibble on. Chocolate eggs and chocolate rabbits are fun for both decorating and eating, so make sure to stock up on them when they're in season.

Bunny Food

If you're crafty in the kitchen, you can make carrot cake pops and decorate them appropriately, then place them on sticks set into a bucket of egg-shaped candies to keep them standing upright. You can also make round cake pops in white or dark chocolate and decorate them with matching sprinkles as delicious "bunny tails." Add some healthy, Peter Rabbit-approved snacks like baby carrots, fresh broccoli, baby corn and cauliflower with a tasty dip to your table. You can even decorate on your buffet table with a small wooden crate filled with heads of cabbage and bunches of carrots.

Add baskets of orange-colored candies and cheese crackers to keep with the theme and embellish any table settings with flowers or balloons in spring colors. Carrot shaped banners or strings of pastel blinking lights will help to set the tone, as will signs you can decorate yourself. Crepe paper tassels in a few pastel shades strung together on a string can be affixed to a table edge for a pretty decorating detail. If you plan to have real rabbits for guests to play with during the party, include small containers of bunny food so guests can feed the rabbits.

Bunny Showers

Even bridal showers can take a turn for the whimsical with a sassy set of bunny ears in pastel hues. You'll need enough for all the guests to join in on the fun, so be sure to order them in bulk for the special discounted price. You can use many of the ideas for a a bunny-themed party, such as carrot shaped macaroon cookies or a garden themed cake in pretty pastel colors.

Playa Bunnies

If you're planning on attending Burning Man or a similar event, bunny ears are the perfect piece of whimsy for your outfit. Raves, parades and after dark events like Mardi Gras also make the perfect occasion to add a pair of bunny ears to the mix. If you're attending a concert series or music festival like Coachella, bunny ears headbands make a lightweight head decoration that has long lasting lights that will endure through multiple events.

Easter may only come once a year, but with light-up bunny ears headbands, you'll find a variety of uses that will keep you wearing them again and again. Because you can order them in bulk for a lower overall price, they're excellent for passing out to friends and guests, or spread the fun to perfect strangers by bringing a few with you when you attend a festival or parade. Don't hesitate, just hop to it and get a set for yourself today.