Wild Party Time Anonymity

Wearing a Mardi Gras mask for Mardi Gras - or any lighthearted celebration - hearkens back to a tradition that’s centuries old. The tradition started in the middle ages when beggars for the communal gumbo pot disguised their identities on their begging rounds. The tradition evolved of concealing your identity in a masquerade, and carnival celebrants and krewes of private clubs embraced the tradition to enjoy the wild party time during Mardi Gras with relative anonymity.

All Varieties of Masks

The masks themselves usually come in two styles: those held by hand to cover the face and those that attach to the face. Bright colors predominate with feathers, foil, glitter and other textures. Some masks are made of simple cardboard while some are made from fine ceramics or porcelain. Masks sometimes cover just the eyes, but some cover the whole face. Some are cowls like superheroes wear, and some people wear animal, celebrity and iconic masks to imitate their favorite heroes or antiheroes.

DIY Masks

You can find templates online for simple masks for children and adults, and it's easy to create a mask for a party out of wire, fabric, foils, colorful beads, glitter, sequins, feathers and fur. The selection of products available for creating masks is only limited by your imagination and artistic skill. These disguises free people to let loose and do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do in polite society.

You can make your own mask by drawing around a template or creating your own version. You can cut out the basics from cardboard, poster board and other materials and begin the decorating work to make your project unique and compelling. A wire frame is usually added to give flexibility and stability. The traditional colors are green, gold and purple, but you’re free to use any combination of colors.

Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler

Historically, wearing these masks is similar to the Venetian Carnival celebration, and both cultures hang masks from the wall as decorative ornaments for celebrations. Creating a wall of masks is easy with templates and craft supplies. This kind of decoration adds whimsy to any event, and you can hang decorative-mask art using hardware in the back, colorful string, tape, thumbtacks or any method. Frowning and smiling disguises are commonly used as focal points.

Laissez les bons temps rouler - let the good times roll - while hiding your identity from casual detection