Red Heart Necklace

Light Up Red Heart Necklace

This Heart Beats for You

If only the Tin Man had known about these...

Light up any occasion with the glow of an illuminated heart. If the one thing your outfit needed to be truly complete was a glowing heart necklace, your search has come to an end in the best possible way. Brilliant, softly burning light creates a festive hue as you attend parties and celebrations, although you can certainly enjoy it equally well while admiring its charming glow at home alone. Carry the spirit of love with you wherever you go wearing a pendant that can flash or remain still according to your preference.

Your Love of Love itself

9 Red Heart Necklace
A red heart necklace is the perfect emblem to wear on Valentine's Day, whether you've found love or are just enjoying the festivities. Dance the night away lit by the scarlet glow of a fiery heart that beats to the pace of its own drum. Proclaim your love of love itself by wearing this sweet emblem to parties, raves, holiday occasions or birthday parties. As a classic symbol of love, your heart will always be an appropriate fashion statement. Set it as the finishing touch to your cosplay or Halloween outfit or bring a smile to passersby when wearing it at night just because.

Heart VersatilityLED Flashing Red Heart Necklace

With three distinct modes that allow you to set the light to a brilliant flashing beat, an exciting blinking pace or as a still and steady light, you've got the versatility to set the exact tempo you want to complete your look. Set the light to its flashing mode if you're bound for the dance floor or keep the light steady and unwavering over a romantic and candlelit dinner. The three modes allow you to alter the mood to match your surroundings, in keeping with the sentiment of the moment. The power and mode changing button is cleverly hidden on the back of the pendant, allowing you to switch it on and change the tempo of the light on a whim with one quick and surreptitious click.

The necklace measures 28 inches in length, resting at the perfect level for maximum eye-catching impact. Measuring two inches across, this heart makes the perfect impact without needing a large shape. The three hidden bulbs make excellent use of their placement to light up the heart to best advantage without creating a light that is too bright. The quick-release clasp makes it simple to put on or take off whenever you want and can be easily managed by all ages. Embellish your outfit by matching the red hue with your clothing or wear more subtle colors so the brilliant light stands out on its own. The classic shape of this heart makes it an emblem you can wear for all of your favorite occasions. Buy a single necklace for your next soiree or buy them in bulk and share the love with everyone.

While you can't replace the batteries in this heart so that it beats forever, it is fueled by two powerhouse batteries that allow you to wear it again and again, enjoying its rosy, passionate hue throughout all of your holiday or festive gatherings. Lasting longer than some relationships, the light from this heart will illuminate and cheer you and everyone you happen to meet for hours on end.