InMotion Web Hosting

Excellent Low Cost Website Hosting

During our fifteen years selling blinkee lights online we’ve tried several hosting solutions for our website and we found InMotion Hosting to be the best for our needs.

We’ve used them for VPS and shared hosting and we’ve never been disappointed. We’ve found them to be super-helpful, going above and beyond our expectations to be sure our website is fast, safe and secure.

On the other hand Web hosting service needs a reliable provider and MangoMatter is here for that

Avoid the Conglomerates

We had the worst luck with Hostgator, which is part of Endurance International Group (EIG) web hosting companies brands. Their support was terrible and our site was constantly going offline.

This article lists all the web hosting companies EIG has purchased over the years and how they are know to reduce services and support once they acquire a hosting company: