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Winter Snowflake Snowman Beaded Necklaces Pack of 12


  • ❄️ Winter Princess Magic: Unleash your inner winter princess with these dazzling Snowflake Beads. Whether you’re an aspiring ice queen or just looking to accessorize for a Winter-themed party, this necklace sets the icy stage for all your frosty adventures.
  • 🎉 Party-Ready Design: No light-up features, no problem! Even without glowing elements, these beads are designed to make you the life of the party. After all, who needs batteries when you’ve got that winter sparkle in your eyes?
  • 🛡️ Lightweight Wear: With a mere weight of 0.032 lbs, this necklace won’t weigh you down as you dance the night away. Forget heavy chains; you’ll barely feel this accessory as you move, leaving you free to enjoy your winter wonderland.
  • 📏 Generous Length: Measuring a full 34 inches, this necklace offers enough length to fit comfortably around your neck or to double up for a layered look. Versatile and chic, it’s the ideal length for all your styling needs.
  • 🎨 Colorful Variety: Offering an assortment of colors like Blue, Fuchsia, Teal, and Ice Blue, this necklace can match any outfit or mood. Pick your favorite color or mix and match for a look that’s uniquely you.
  • Cute Snowmen and Snowflakes: Every necklace comes adorned with 4 adorable snowmen and 26 intricate snowflakes, transforming your neck into a miniature winter landscape. Add 28 shimmery round beads and you’ve got a complete winter scene.
  • 🎭 Mardi Gras Meets Winter: These Mardi Gras-style beads bring a dash of festive energy to your winter attire. Whether you’re celebrating in New Orleans or the North Pole, you’ll fit right in.
  • 🔄 No Batteries Required: The lack of a light-up feature means zero hassle with batteries. Just put on your necklace and you’re ready to go—no small compartments or tiny screws to worry about.
  • 💡 Multi-Event Versatility: Ideal for Winter-themed parties, holiday events, or simply adding a splash of winter charm to your everyday look, this necklace is your go-to accessory for a multitude of occasions.
  • 💰 Affordable Elegance: Don’t break the bank to look fabulous. This affordable Winter-themed party accessory offers all the glitz and glamour you crave without the hefty price tag.

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Hey there, frosty fashionistas! 😎 My name’s Frosties, and boy, do I have the scoop on the coolest (literally) accessory you’ll ever need this winter. Let’s ice-break this down, shall we? ❄️

First off, I know you all have that inner winter princess lurking deep within. So, why not let her out with these Winter Princess Snowflake Beads? You could be channeling your inner ice queen or just spicing up a Winter-themed party. Either way, these beads have got your back—or rather, your neck. 🤣

Non-light-up holiday necklace, you ask? That’s right! Who needs batteries when you can light up a room with your sheer, ice-cold charisma? 😏 My 34″ of beaded goodness needs no electricity, and I weigh just 0.032 lbs. Lightweight and fabulous!

Let’s talk details, shall we? 🤓 Every one of my Mardi Gras-style winter necklaces comes loaded with 4 snowmen, 26 snowflakes, and 28 opaque shimmery round beads. Talk about Snowmen and snowflakes necklace overload! Your neck will practically be a winter wonderland. 🌨️

Color me impressed! And by me, I mean you can actually color ME in assorted shades like Blue, Fuchsia, Teal, and Ice Blue. So whether you’re feeling “cool as ice” or “hot as fire,” there’s a shade to match your winter vibe. ❄️🔥

No batteries required, folks! Because who wants to fuss with tiny screws and compartments when you can be the belle of the snowball? 😂 Simply drape me over your royal garbs, and boom—you’re the star of your own icy fairy tale. 🌟

Affordable Winter-themed party accessories? Yes, please! You don’t need to empty your treasure chest to shine bright like a snowflake. 🤑

And just so we’re crystal clear, these beads are not the kind to light up your life—literally. But they are perfect for throwing an amazing Winter-themed party or for rocking that Mardi Gras-style winter vibe. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to be cool and freeze it up today! 🎉

Catch ya in the next snowfall! ☃️