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White LED Personalized Write On Clear Plastic Badge Necklace


💡 Illuminate your presence with the White LED Personalized Write On Clear Plastic Badge Necklace, turning every encounter into a moment to remember.

✍️ Unleash your creativity on the large clear plastic canvas, perfect for displaying your name or personalized message in glowing white light.

🔋 Keep the party glowing with easily replaceable batteries, ensuring your badge stays lit through any event or occasion.

📏 Generous dimensions (28″ x 3″ x 5.25″) mean your message is visible from afar, making it the perfect accessory for networking or socializing.

🌟 Activate your badge’s steady white glow with a simple flip of the switch on the back, instantly becoming the center of attention.

🎉 Ideal for festivals, birthdays, fundraisers, and more, this badge necklace is designed to make you stand out in the best way possible.

♻️ Eco-friendly and sustainable, with replaceable batteries, this badge is a conscious choice for the environmentally aware party-goer.

🌈 Despite being a Blue LED Badge, it shines in brilliant white, offering a unique twist that catches the eye and sparks conversation.

💼 From professional events to casual gatherings, its sleek design and customizable features make it versatile for any setting.

🎁 A perfect gift for the person who loves to personalize their look or for the organizer looking to add a unique touch to events.

Quantity Price
1-2 $4.79
3-7 $4.74
8-11 $4.69
12-47 $4.59
48-95 $4.49
96-398 $4.39
399-998 $4.29
999+ $4.19

Imagine stepping into the spotlight, not with a drab, flimsy name tag, but with the dazzling White LED Personalized Write On Clear Plastic Badge Necklace, affectionately known by friends (and now you) as Kili. This isn’t just a badge; it’s your new best friend in making unforgettable introductions. 💡✨

Kili is no ordinary piece of party gear. Picture a sleek, clear plastic canvas begging for your artistic flair or simply your name in bold letters. But Kili’s true magic lies in its ability to shine, quite literally, with a built-in white LED glow that turns any scribble into a spectacle. 🎨🔦

Powered by replaceable batteries and boasting dimensions that make it impossible to ignore (28″ x 3″ x 5.25″), Kili is ready to escort you to festivals, birthdays, fundraisers, and anywhere your social butterfly wings desire to take you. And when it’s time to glow, a simple flick of a switch on Kili’s back awakens a steady, celestial light. 🌌🔋

Now, let’s dive into a little tale. Once upon a bustling festival eve, a business event teetered on the brink of disaster. The attendees’ names were as lost as socks in a laundry room. Enter Kili, with its radiant white LED light and generous space for creativity. The organizers quickly distributed Kilis to every guest, turning a would-be networking nightmare into a luminous dance of names and laughter. As names floated through the crowd in a ballet of white light, connections were made, deals were struck, and the festival business event was saved, all thanks to a little badge named Kili. 🎉📛

So, if you’re tired of being just another face in the crowd, let Kili light your way to unforgettable encounters and radiant memories. Because why would you stick to the shadows when you were born to shine?

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