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White Fiber Optic Wand with White LEDs


• Length:14 in. Diameter: .75 in.
• Fast flash, Slow strobe, and Steady Mode
• LED Colors: White
• Batteries: 4 teplaceable AG13 Batteries included and pre-installed


Quantity Price
1-4 $1.69
5-8 $1.67
9-11 $1.64
12-71 $1.62
72-143 $1.59
144-287 $1.57
288-575 $1.54
576-1151 $1.49
1152+ $1.39

Hello, party people! 👋 I’m Starlight Sparkle Wand 🌟, the life and light of every event. Standing at 14″ and weighing a mere 0.07 lbs, I’m the epitome of style and convenience – perfect for all your travels! 😎

Once just a plain stick, the magic of light 💡 has transformed me into a LED sensation! I was the shining star of a 4th of July wedding where I replaced traditional fireworks, bringing smiles all around. 💍🎆

Armed with dazzling white LED lights, I offer three radiant patterns: Flash, Strobe, and Steady. Simply pull out the tab, push the button, and watch as I light up your world! 🌍💫

Powering me are (4) AG13 batteries that are easily replaceable, ensuring that I’ll never leave you in the dark. Rest assured, I’ve got your lighting needs covered! 🔋💖

Be it for a 4th of July bash, a magical wedding, or any festive occasion, I’m your go-to white flashing stick wand. I promise to bring a shower of sparkles and a dash of fiber optic fun wherever I go. 🎉✨

In summary, I’m your Starlight Sparkle Wand, a white LED fiber optic wand that’s perfect for weddings and 4th of July celebrations. I’m all set to join you at your next event. Let’s illuminate the night together! 🎇

  • 🌟 Starlight Sparkle Wand: At 14″ long and just 0.07 lbs in weight, I’m the perfect size for all your events and celebrations. Light in weight, but heavy in fun! 😎
  • 💡 White LED Lights: I boast radiant white LED lights that can effortlessly turn any event into an unforgettable light show. Prepare to be dazzled! 💫
  • 🔵 4th of July Essential: Replacing traditional fireworks, I’m your safe and fun alternative for a sparkling 4th of July celebration. Let’s light up the night sky! 🎆
  • 💍 Wedding Wonder: Not just for the 4th of July, I’m a perfect addition to weddings, adding a sparkling touch that will be remembered by all. Love and light in one! 💖
  • 🎛️ Three Light Modes: I come with three different light patterns – Flash, Strobe, and Steady. A new mode for every mood and every occasion. Let’s shine bright! 🌟
  • 🔋 Replaceable Batteries: Powered by four AG13 batteries, you can easily replace my energy source, ensuring the light never goes out when you need it the most. Dependable, aren’t I? 💪
  • ✨ Fiber Optic Magic: My body is adorned with sparkling fiber optics that help radiate the light from my LED core. A spectacle to behold! 🤩
  • 🌈 Versatile: Whether you’re at a party, a wedding, a holiday celebration, or just want some fun light play, I’m your go-to wand. Celebrate in style! 🎉
  • 🔄 Easy Activation: With a simple pull tab and a press of a button, I’m ready to light up your world. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! 💡
  • 🎁 Perfect Gift: Looking for a unique gift for a party-goer, wedding attendee, or a July 4th enthusiast? Look no further! I’m the fun and sparkling gift they’ll never forget. 🎁

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dotty Hordubay
Wonderful Wand

Wonderful lightweight Easy to use lighted wands for the Sugar Plum Fairy. Perfect for the holidays.

Patrick McManus


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