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Viking Helmet with Light Up Horns


  • 🎉 Introducing Ragnar, the party warrior’s helmet of choice! Perfect for every modern Viking on a quest for legendary fun.
  • 🛡️ Get ready to party with horns that aren’t just fierce but glow with LED colors of blue and red, heralding your entrance!
  • 🍻 Celebrate like the Vikings with a design that’s not just for looks – it’s the epitome of ancient chic with a modern LED twist.
  • 🔧 DIY Alert! Assemble the light-up horns with an easy click, transforming your helmet into a luminous masterpiece.
  • 🔋 Powered by three AG13 batteries, Ragnar ensures your night is long and lit! With replaceable batteries, the fun never ends.
  • 🌌 Toggle between a spectacle of red and blue blinks, making sure you’re the showstopper at every event.
  • 🎨 Personalize your battle gear! With a printable surface, inscribe your clan’s emblem or any quirky catchphrase.
  • 🕺 Ideal dimensions of 10” x 13.5”, ensuring that Ragnar rests snugly, all set for a night of dance-offs and revelry.
  • 🎁 Comes in packs of 24 – perfect for outfitting your whole crew for that epic Viking-themed bash or gathering!
  • 📣 Make a statement without saying a word – thanks to the mesmerizing LED colors and the resounding presence of glorious horns.
Quantity Price
1-2 $5.29
3-5 $5.19
6-11 $5.09
12-59 $4.99
60-119 $4.89
120-239 $4.79
240-479 $4.69
480-959 $4.59
960+ $4.39

Ahoy, brave-hearted party raiders! Drumrolls, please, for the legendary, the unbeatable, the rave-inducing… me, Ragnar! The Viking helmet that’s more lit than a midsummer bonfire. 🔥

Rumors are you’re mulling over crashing some parties? Let’s turn those rumors into sagas! Slap me onto your noble noggin, and together, we’ll be the toast of every Valhalla-inspired rave and every backyard BBQ. Remember: every epic Viking quest begins with a two-step, or a salsa, or that questionable dance move you think no one saw (but trust me, they did). 😂💃

But before our tales of party conquests begin, you’ve got a wee bit of helmet handiwork to do. My magnificent horns await your touch – assemble them, relish the satisfying click, and there! I’m not just any helmet now; I’m YOUR helmet, ever ready to groove, move, and prove we’re the best thing since mead! 🍺

Bask in my radiant glory as I show off with a flurry of red and blue LED shimmers, out-dazzling even the brightest star in the Nordic night. And hey, got a clan emblem, or a silly catchphrase? I’m all ears (well, horns) – and printable too! Get that signature Viking branding going on! 🛡️⚔️

A whisper for just the two of us: those sneaky AG13 batteries? They’re not mere power sources; they’re the very heartbeats of our legendary nights! Watch me set the mood with rhythmic blinks in shades of victory and valor (or as you mortals say, blue and red). 🌌

Wait, there’s more! I don’t merely sit on heads; I echo the tales of your glorious party feats. I am the witness to every goblet raised, every song belted out off-key, and every dance-off challenge accepted. 🎤

So, are you armed with your best party moves? With me, Ragnar – the show-stealing, light-glowing Warrior Viking Helmet – our tales will not just be told; they’ll be sung about! Let the world know: wherever there’s a bash, we’ll be there, lighting it up. Skål to endless nights of fun and tales for eons! 🍻🎊🎉