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USA Heart Flashing Body Light Lapel Pins


•Hi there, I’m Abraheart Lincoln, your soon-to-be favorite accessory! As a flashing lapel pin, I bring fun, flair, and patriotism to any event. 🎉

•Need to light up the room? I’ve got you covered with my 3 radiant red and 2 bright blue LEDs. I promise, you’ll be the life of the party! 🚨

•Running out of juice? Not on my watch! I’m powered by two CR927 batteries. And the best part is – they’re replaceable. So, I’m always ready to shine bright. 🔋

•At just 1.2″ x 1.1″, I’m the perfect size to adorn your lapel, hat, or bag. My compact size means you can take me with you anywhere and everywhere! 🌍

•I may be small, but I’m mighty. Weighing only 0.014 lbs, I promise not to weigh you down. Light as a feather and bright as a star – that’s me! 🌟

•Fear not, I come prepared with a safety pin! Attach me securely to any piece of fabric. Don’t worry about me falling off – I stick like glue! 📍

•Need to steal the show? Just press my button on the back, and I’ll dazzle everyone with my flashing light function. Let’s turn heads together! 💡

•Representing the colors of the U.S.A, I am more than just a pin. I’m a symbol of your love for our beautiful country. Let’s show off our pride together! 🇺🇸

•Activation? It’s as easy as pie! Just remove my pull tab and press the button on my back. I’ll light up faster than you can say “America!” 💥

•I may not have been at the Gettysburg Address, but together we can make our own history. Wear me with pride and let’s make our mark! 🎩💖

Quantity Price
1-4 $1.79
5-9 $1.78
10-24 $1.77
25-49 $1.74
50-99 $1.69
100-199 $1.64
200-499 $1.59
500-999 $1.49
1000+ $1.44

Howdy, partner! My name’s Abraheart Lincoln! I’m a USA Patriotic Heart LED Flashing Lapel Pin. Can you imagine how epic it would’ve been if ol’ Honest Abe wore me during his Gettysburg Address? 😂

I’m designed with 3 red and 2 blue LEDs, representing the red, white, and blue of the good old American flag. When you activate me, I’ll light up your world with a radiant glow that’s pure, patriotic joy. 🎆

Weighing just 0.014 lbs and measuring a nifty 1.2″ x 1.1″, I’m smaller than a cherry pie and lighter than a hummingbird’s feather. My handy safety pin means I can easily hitch a ride on your lapel, backpack, or anywhere else you want to showcase some star-spangled style. 🇺🇸

Concerned about my glow-time? Worry not, I run on two CR927 batteries. And the best part? They’re replaceable! So, I’m ready to shine on, much like the enduring spirit of our great nation. 🔋

See, I’m not just a flashy trinket. I’m a symbol of love for our land of liberty, America. So, what are you waiting for? Grab an Abraheart Lincoln today, and let’s illuminate our love for the U.S.A together! 🌟

P.S. I may not be a history buff, but I’m pretty sure if Honest Abe had me at Gettysburg, that speech might’ve had even more sparkle. But hey, why dwell in the past when you can light up your own moments now, right? 😎🎩