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Unlit Green Shamrock Mug Shot Glass on Bead Necklace for St Patricks Day


🚫🔋 Battery-Free Bliss: Enjoy endless fun without the need for batteries. This mug shot glass is all about the good times, no power needed!

📏🍀 Generous Dimensions: With a size of 32″ x 1.5″ x 2″, this shot glass necklace makes a bold statement at any celebration.

🥃 Compact Capacity: Holds 2 oz. of your favorite beverage, perfect for sipping and celebrating without overdoing it.

💡✨ Unlit Wonder: No lights? No problem! This mug’s charm shines bright even without illumination, keeping things simple and festive.

🍺 Ready-to-Wear: Attached to a stylish green beaded necklace, this shot glass is always within reach for a quick toast.

🎊 Party-Proof Build: Durable design to survive the wildest of parties. It’s the accessory that keeps up with you all night long!

📦 Includes One Mug: Each package comes with a single 2 oz. shot glass, ready to fill and thrill. Collect them to share with friends!

🎉 Mardi Gras Must-Have: A hit for any Mardi Gras festivity, this necklace mug shot glass is your ticket to the heart of the party.

🍀 St. Paddy’s Day Staple: Don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s without it! It’s your personal pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

👌 Easy Maintenance: No complicated instructions, no fuss. Just wear, pour, and party on!

Quantity Price
1-3 $0.99
4-8 $0.98
9-11 $0.97
12-59 $0.96
60-119 $0.95
120-239 $0.92
240-479 $0.89
480-955 $0.84
956+ $0.79

🍀🎉 Hello there, I’m Jivenjhie, your festively fabulous, ever-ready party companion! Are you looking to become the life of the party without having a single light-up diode on you? Look no further! I’m the Unlit Green Mug Shot Glass swinging suavely from a Bead Necklace, here to make your merry-making moments memorable. 💃

Now, let’s talk about my stunning physique. Measuring a statuesque 32 inches in total length, with a 1.5 x 2-inch body of pure, unadulterated party spirit, I’m the hulk of shot glasses – minus the anger issues. And with a 2 oz. capacity, I’m just the right size for that perfect shot to keep the shenanigans going. 🥳

Light-Up? Pfft. In the luminous presence of my emerald elegance, who needs lights? I’m all about that eco-friendly, battery-free existence. I’m living proof that you can shine bright like a diamond without the sparkle. 💚

Now, if you think I’m just for St. Patrick’s Day or Mardi Gras, you’re missing out on my versatility. I’m equally at home at game nights, casual hangouts, or even that random Tuesday when you need a pick-me-up. Wear me, share me, but most importantly, dare to take the fun wherever you go with me. 🍻

Picture this: You’re walking into a party, the crowd parts, and all eyes are on… your neck. That’s right, I make YOU the center of attention. And when someone says “shots,” you’re not just participating; you’re serving them up with a side of panache. 🌟

Remember, I don’t light up, but I’ll ensure your night does! So, let’s get this non-electric party started. After all, who needs batteries when you’ve got charm, good looks, and a knack for holding your liquor – quite literally! 🥂

Cheers to being unlit but lit at the same time! 🎈🍺