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Ultimate Mardi Gras LED Jumbo Balls Necklace


📿 Don a 42-inch cascade of Mardi Gras excitement with our oversized light-up bead necklace, a hit for any carnival celebration. 🎉📿

📿 Six green-lighting orbs intermingle with non-illuminated balls to create a spectacle of light and color. 💚✨

📿 Fashioned from feather-light materials, ensuring you can revel all night without any discomfort. 🎭🚫🤕

📿 Toggle through three dynamic flashing modes with a simple press of the discreetly placed power button. 🔘🎆

📿 Comes ready to party with CR2032 batteries pre-installed, keeping your Mardi Gras glow going till dawn. 🔋🌙

📿 Grace your neck with a touch of Mardi Gras magic, perfect for parades, parties, or any festive night out. 🎷🎇

📿 Each luminous green bead adds a pulse of energy, enhancing the vivacious spirit of your ensemble. 💡👗

📿 Crafted for elegance and fun, these jumbo necklaces blend tasteful style with playful light-up action. 🎨💫

📿 The easy-to-use design ensures you won’t miss a beat when it’s time to switch up the party vibes. 🕺💃

📿 Be the center of attention with a necklace that’s not only a fashion statement but also a beacon of Mardi Gras tradition. 🌟🎈

Quantity Price
1-3 $7.59
4-5 $7.54
6-9 $7.52
10-71 $7.49
72-143 $7.44
144-287 $7.59
288-575 $7.49
576+ $7.39

Hey there, I’m Queroy, the Mardi Gras necklace that’s about to make your celebrations light up like the French Quarter at night! 😄✨

Let’s cut to the chase—I’m not your grandma’s pearls. I’m the king of the Mardi Gras ball, with six smaller balls that turn green faster than a gator in a swamp when you switch me on. 🐊💚

And honey, I measure a whole 42 inches, because in the land of beads, size does matter. I’m like the boa constrictor of necklaces, but without the squeeze—total lightweight, zero neckaches. 📏😎

You want flashing modes? I’ve got them! A quick press of my power button and you can cycle through my three flashiest moves. I’m the dance floor’s best friend and the night’s brightest star. 🌟🕺

Those little button batteries, the CR2032s? I’ve got ’em included and pre-installed, because I’m not just a pretty necklace—I’m also incredibly convenient. 💼🔋

So whether you’re parading down Bourbon Street or throwing your own backyard bash, make sure you’ve got me, Queroy, hanging around. Let’s make this Mardi Gras unforgettable—or at least until the morning after! 🎭🎉

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