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Tropical Flower Crown Lei Headband Rainbow


🌈 Step up your party game with our Light Up Rainbow Flower Headband, a vibrant addition to any tropical glam look, making you the highlight of any event! 🎉

💡 Featuring Blue and Red LED colors, this floral headband offers a unique blend of traditional floral aesthetics with exciting modern technology. 💙❤️

🔆 It’s super easy to use! Simply remove the pull tab and press the button on the battery house to activate a fascinating light show right on your head. 🌸💫

🎁 Powered by 3 AG13 batteries, this headband is always ready to glow, adding a festive touch to your look. Keep it shining bright all night! 🔋

🕺 With 3 LED light functions – Flash, Blink, and Steady – you can easily set the right vibe for your mood and the event. Light up your way! 💃🏽

👌 Lightweight yet sturdy, our LED Floral Headband weighs just 0.052 lbs, and with an unstretched diameter of 8″, it’s the perfect comfortable fit for a night of fun. 🌺

🎈 The ideal accessory for tropical parties, beach events, festivals, or just any occasion where you want to stand out and make a memorable impression. 🏖️

🏵️ Not just a party accessory, this headband can also serve as a unique educational tool to teach kids about light properties and color identification. 🌟

🛍️ Hassle-free shopping experience! The Light Up Rainbow Flower Headband is delivered right to your doorstep, ready to illuminate your parties and create unforgettable memories. 🎊

👑 Designed with care, our LED Floral Headband is not just a headband, it’s the crowning glory of your party ensemble, making you the belle of any event. 🎇

Quantity Price
1-2 $2.19
3-5 $2.17
6-8 $2.14
9-11 $2.12
12-47 $2.09
48-95 $2.07
96-191 $2.04
192-575 $1.99
576-1151 $1.94
1152+ $1.89

Hey there, party-goer! 🎉 It’s me, Abby, your Light Up Rainbow Flower Headband. Ready to bring that tropical glam to your look? Well, you’re at the right place! 🌸💡

I am not just an ordinary flower crown, but a magical blend of vivid colors and glowing lights that will make you the belle of any bash. With me on, you’re bound to turn heads, after all, who can resist a radiant rainbow? 🌈

My LED colors? I’ve got Blue and Red, the perfect combo to light up any room and your spirit too! 💙❤️ I’m also super easy to use. Just remove my pull tab, press the button on my battery house, and voila! You’re all set to shine! ✨

I offer three exciting LED light functions to match your mood and the party vibe. Feel like creating a dazzling spectacle? Turn on my Flash function. Want to gently catch the eye? Try my Blink function. Prefer a constant halo of light? Go for my Steady function. Choices, choices! 🎆

I’m lightweight and comfy too! Weighing just 0.052 lbs, you’ll hardly feel me resting on your head. And, with an 8″ Diameter unstretched, I’m the perfect fit for your summer fun! 🏖️

I’m powered by (3) AG13 batteries, which are replaceable. So, you don’t have to worry about me fading out in the middle of your event. I promise to keep the party going as long as you do! 🎊🔋

So, are you ready to be the life of the party with a ‘Light Up Rainbow Flower Headband’ touch? Bring on the tropical glam and let’s make some unforgettable memories together! 🥳

Just remember, I am not just a headband; I am the crowning glory of any event! 👑💖