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Sound Activated Glasses White


LED Colors: White
Batteries: (3) AG3, Replaceable
Dimensions: 6″ x 6″ x 2″
Printable: Yes
Weight: 0.104 lbs


Quantity Price
1-2 $3.69
3-5 $3.64
6-8 $3.59
9-11 $3.54
12-47 $3.49
48-95 $3.44
96-287 $3.39
288-575 $3.29
576+ $3.09

👋 Hey there! I’m Zoey, your go-to party accessory with a throwback twist. Remember the vibrant and eclectic 80s? I’m a nod to that era with a modern upgrade: I’m the White Light Up 80s Style Shades! 🎉

I’m not just a pair of glasses. Oh no, I’m an entire party experience that pulses to the rhythm of your music. Night Clubs, Dance Parties, Concerts, Festivals – you name it, and I’ll bring the sparkle. And let’s not forget Valentine’s Day Events and Sports Matches. Because who said love and sports can’t have a little extra glow? 💖⚽

My measurements are a comfortable 6″ x 6″ x 2″, and I weigh just 0.104 lbs. So, whether you’re breaking it down on the dance floor or cheering in the stadium, I won’t be a burden. After all, the only weight at a party should be the beat of the music. 🕺💃

You might be wondering, “What if Zoey runs out of energy?” Don’t worry, I’ve got that covered. I come powered with 3 AG3 batteries that are easily replaceable. So, the party only stops when you want it to, not when the batteries do. 🔋🔄

Oh, and did I mention? I’m lens-free. So, nothing will cloud your vision of the wild and fun times. To start the party, just flip my switch. Want to power down? Flip it back. It’s as easy as that. 🕶️🔛

So, whether it’s an 80’s themed party or just a night out with friends, I promise to add a dash of sound-sensitive style. Get ready to steal the show with me, your LED Sound Sensitive White Shades, and let’s light up the night together. 🌟🎶

  • 💫 Sound Reactive Feature: Zoey, your White Light Up 80s Style Shades, is a sound-sensitive party favor that syncs with the rhythm of the music, creating a stunning visual spectacle wherever you are. 🎉🎶
  • 🏳️ White LED Lights: With striking white LED lights, these sound activated glasses produce an enchanting light show that amplifies the vibe of any party or event. Let Zoey become your signature party look. 🔥🕶️
  • 🎚️ Easy Activation: To bring Zoey to life, all you need to do is flip a switch on the bridge. Once activated, the LED lights sync to the music, adding rhythm to your visual style. Want to take a break? Just flip the switch back. 👈
  • 💪 Robust and Light: Zoey’s comfortable dimensions of 6″ x 6″ x 2″ and lightweight design of just 0.104 lbs ensures that your party style remains unhindered, whether you’re dancing the night away or cheering at a sports match. 🩰💃
  • 🔄 Replaceable AG3 Batteries: Zoey is powered by 3 AG3 batteries that are easily replaceable. So, even if the batteries run out, the party can continue, making these shades your reliable party partner. 🔋🔄
  • 🎈 Perfect for Events: Zoey is a versatile accessory, perfect for Night Clubs, Dance Parties, Concerts, Festivals, Valentine’s Day events, or Sports Matches. Just put them on and add a unique flair to any occasion. ⚽🎸
  • 👓 Lens-Free Design: Zoey is designed without lenses, allowing you to fully immerse in the party scene. With an unobstructed view, nothing will distract you from the fun. 🌐👀
  • 😎 Retro 80’s Style: With a distinct 80’s charm, these white light shades are a chic nod to the bold fashion of the era. Create unforgettable memories with this retro-chic party accessory. 📼🎵
  • 🌟 Eye-Catching Accessory: Zoey isn’t just functional – it’s fashionable. Turn heads wherever you go, and become the center of attention with your stylish, sound-sensitive, light-up eyewear. 💖👏
  • 💃 Sound Sensitive Eyewear: Zoey is sensitive to the sounds around her, syncing with the music to create a vibrant light display. The beat of the music is all it takes to bring this accessory to life. 🎶💡

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