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Snowman Tangled up in Christmas Lights Flashing Blinky Body Light Lapel Pins


  1. 🌟 Be the beacon of the ball with 1 Jade LED, glowing with the mystery of winter’s eve.
  2. ❤️ Warm up cold nights with 1 Red LED, like Rudolph’s nose guiding the sleigh.
  3. 🔵 Brighten the blues with 1 Blue LED, reminiscent of icy glaciers under the moonlight.
  4. 🍊 Spark joy with 1 Orange LED, a cozy fireplace glow on the coldest days.
  5. 💡 Illuminate dark, snowy paths with 1 White LED, as pure as freshly fallen snow.
  6. 🔋 Power through the season with (2) replaceable CR927 batteries; never dim your sparkle.
  7. 📐 Petite in size at 1.25” x 1.37”, this pin is a powerhouse of holiday spirit.
  8. 🎩 Adorn your festive outfits with a snowman pin, complete with a snug winter hat.
  9. 🌨️ Enwrapped in a string of colored lights, this pin turns you into a walking winter wonderland.
  10. 📌 Securely fasten joy to any garment with a safety pin back, designed for holiday hustle and bustle.
Quantity Price
1-4 $1.79
5-9 $1.78
10-14 $1.77
15-24 $1.74
25-49 $1.69
50-99 $1.64
100-249 $1.59
250-499 $1.49
500+ $1.44

🎉🎄 Ho-ho-hold the sleigh, folks! It’s me, the one and only Dee the Snowman, coming at you with a blizzard of charm and a flurry of lights! 🌨✨ I’m not your average frosty friend; I’m a pint-sized party on a pin, ready to jazz up your winter wear with my dazzling LED light show. That’s right, I’m not just cool, I’m ice-cold brilliant! 💡❄️

🎁👚 Stand out in the snowstorm of dull winter fashion with my radiant rainbow of LED Colors: a twinkling Jade, a radiant Red, a bold Blue, an outstanding Orange, and a wintery White. 🌈 And guess what? I’m not just a pretty face; I’m smart too! With my easy-to-replace (2) CR927 batteries, you can keep the party glowing all season long. 🕺💃

📏🔍 Size matters, and at 1.25” x 1.37”, I’m the perfect companion to pin on your scarf, hat, or ugly Christmas sweater! Don’t let my small stature fool you, though; my bright personality shines far and wide. 🤗🎖

🔋🎵 Want to get this party started? Just give my backside a little tap to activate your LED Body Light—no need to be shy, just push the button! And when it’s time for a silent night, a quick click will tuck me into darkness. But don’t worry, I’ll be dreaming of sugarplums and ready to shine bright again with another press. 💤✨

📌👉 To attach, I come equipped with a safety pin back because I’m not only fun, I’m also secure and reliable. Just pin me on, and let’s slide into the holiday spirit together! ❄️🤝

🤣🎅 So, if you’re looking to turn up the cheer to elf-level excitement, I’m your snowman! Let’s light up this ho-ho-holiday like it’s the North Pole disco! 🕺🌟