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Light Up Shamrock Charms Opaque Bead Necklace for St Patricks Day


🍀 Lively LED Glow: Six 1″ square shamrock charms shine brightly with vibrant green LED lights, bringing Irish cheer wherever you go.

💚 Versatile Light Modes: Choose from flash, blink, or a steady glow to suit your St. Patrick’s Day mood and style.

🔋 Long-Lasting Celebration: Equipped with three AG13 batteries, easily replaceable to keep your festivities shining late into the night.

📏 Generous Length: At 31 inches, this necklace is designed to drape elegantly, creating a statement piece for any celebration.

🌟 Easy Activation: A simple pull tab removal and button press on the battery housing for a quick light-up experience.

🛠 Hassle-Free Battery Change: Designed with convenience in mind, ensuring your light-up fun never has to pause for long.

🎉 Festive and Functional: Featuring a safety breakaway clasp for secure wear during even the most enthusiastic Irish jigs.

✨ Charmingly Bright: Each shamrock charm is a beacon of emerald light, guaranteeing you’re the highlight of the party.

🍺 Party-Ready Design: Perfect for parades, pub crawls, or any St. Paddy’s event, this necklace is your go-to accessory for a good time.

♻️ Eco-Friendly Accessory: Promote green living with replaceable batteries, reducing waste while celebrating in style.

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🍀 Hey there, I’m Onaki, the Light Up Shamrock Charms Opaque Bead Necklace, and I’m here to get you into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day faster than you can say “Kiss me, I’m Irish!” 💋

Strung with love and a touch of Irish magic, my six radiant shamrock charms are nestled cozily between green and white beads, like little emerald islands in a sea of frothy Irish cream. ☘️

Not only do I bring the bling with my green LED colors, but I’m also practical with a trio of AG13 batteries. They’re as replaceable as your ex and twice as bright. 🌟

Stretching a full 31 inches and with charms sized at a charming 1″ square, I’m the perfect accessory to make your neck the talk of the tavern. 🍺

Ready for some light play? Just remove my pull tab, hit the button on my battery house, and watch me go from a gentle glow to a flashing fiesta of lights! 🎉

Whether you fancy a flash, a blink, or a steady beam of Gaelic glory, I’ve got you covered. Just cycle through my 3 LED functions and find your lucky light. 🚦

And let’s not forget safety, my friends! With my breakaway clasp, you can party like a leprechaun without a worry in the world. 🌈

So, throw me on and let’s light up this St. Paddy’s Day with a glow that says, “Look at me, I’m the life of the party—and yes, I’ve got the luck of the Irish!” 🍀✨

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