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Rubber Frosted Orange Bracelet


  • 🍊 Radiant Orange Glow: Adorn your wrist with the captivating charm of the Orange LED Steady Illumination Stretch Bracelet, designed to add an ethereal glow to your party attire.
  • 🎊 Party Essential: From Halloween parties to music festivals, this vibrant orange LED bracelet is a must-have accessory to turn the fun quotient up a notch!
  • 🧡 Steady Illumination: No blinking, no overwhelming flashes, just a steady, comforting orange glow to accompany you throughout the event.
  • 🌟 Hard-Shell Charm: The hard-shell design adds durability to this piece while maintaining its attractive appeal.
  • 🎯 One Size Fits All: The stretchable band ensures a perfect fit for everyone. It comfortably stretches up to 4 inches in diameter without losing its shape.
  • 💡 Powered by Replaceable Batteries: The bracelet is equipped with (2) CR1625 batteries that are replaceable, ensuring the fun never stops.
  • 🪶 Feather-Light: Weighing only 0.045 lbs, this lightweight accessory allows you to dance and move around without any discomfort.
  • 🔆 Flip to Glow: Equipped with an easy-to-use switch on the side, simply flip it to activate the steady orange LED light.
  • 👯 Share the Fun: Thanks to the stretchable band, you can easily share the bracelet with friends, spreading the glow at your parties.
  • 🎇 Create Unforgettable Memories: With the Orange LED Steady Illumination Stretch Bracelet, every moment becomes photo-worthy, creating unforgettable glowing memories.
Quantity Price
1-2 $2.39
3-8 $2.37
9-11 $2.34
12-71 $2.32
72-143 $2.29
144-287 $2.24
288-575 $2.19
576-1151 $2.14
1152+ $2.09

Hello, human! I am Aspen, your soon-to-be new favorite party accessory, the Orange LED Steady Illumination Stretch Bracelet! 🎉

Let’s face it, parties without me are like pumpkins without a grin on Halloween. 😏 Imagine your wrist pulsating with an orange glow, that’s me, transforming a regular shindig into a light spectacular! 🎇

I’m not just a pretty face. I am a hard-shell bracelet with a soft heart, or should I say, a soft, stretchable band. I can go from being your bracelet to your best friend’s in a matter of seconds, without a single complaint! 🙌

Orange you glad I glow orange? 🍊💡 My LED light is like the perfect party guest, always steady and vibrant, never overwhelming, and always ready to illuminate your fun times.

I’m as lightweight as they come, weighing only 0.045 lbs. So, feel free to dance, jump, or do whatever you like – I’ll stick around, literally! 💃

And, don’t fret about running out of glow mid-party. I’m powered by (2) replaceable CR1625 batteries. To light up the party, all you need to do is flip the switch on my side. Easy peasy, right? 🎈

So, what are you waiting for? Slap me on your wrist and let’s get glowing! Remember, with Aspen around, the party never fades! 🥳🎉

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