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Rubber Frosted Patriotic Bracelet


  • 🌈 VIBRANT COLORS: The Starry Independence Illumi-Band features LED lights in Red, White, and Blue, symbolizing American patriotism. Display your national pride stylishly!
  • ⚖️ LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing only 0.045 lbs, this bracelet won’t weigh down your festive spirit. You’ll hardly even know it’s there!
  • 📏 ADJUSTABLE SIZE: The band comfortably stretches up to 4″ in diameter, making it a perfect fit for everyone at the party. One size fits all!
  • 🎆 STEADY ILLUMINATION: With a steady light function, your bracelet will continuously glow throughout the celebration, symbolizing the enduring spirit of freedom.
  • 🔋 REPLACEABLE BATTERIES: Powered by (2) CR1625 batteries, the bracelet’s batteries are easily replaceable, ensuring that your patriotic spirit never dims.
  • 🕹️ EASY TO USE: A simple flip of a switch on the side of the bracelet activates the LED lights. You’re just a flip away from lighting up your 4th of July!
  • 👗 FASHIONABLE ACCESSORY: Perfect for any 4th of July outfit, this LED bracelet adds a touch of patriotic flair to your wardrobe. Celebrate in style!
  • 🥳 PARTY ESSENTIAL: Make a dazzling impression at your first ever 4th of July bash. The bracelet’s light show will surely be the talk of the party.
  • 🎁 PERFECT GIFT: Looking for a unique and patriotic gift? The Starry Independence Illumi-Band makes an excellent choice for friends and family.
  • 🇺🇸 4TH OF JULY SPIRIT: There’s no better way to showcase your patriotic spirit than by lighting up the night with this vibrant LED bracelet. Let freedom ring!
Quantity Price
1-2 $2.29
3-8 $2.24
9-11 $2.19
12-71 $2.14
72-143 $2.09
144-287 $1.99
288-575 $1.89
576-1151 $1.79
1152+ $1.74

Hello there, patriot! 🇺🇸 I’m the Starry Independence Illumi-Band, your perfect sidekick for your first 4th of July soiree! 🎆🥳 Let me tell you my story.

Born from a desire to illuminate the freedom in every heartbeat, I’m here to add sparkle to your unforgettable nights. My creators lovingly instilled in me the colors of valor – Red, purity – White, and justice – Blue, mirroring the great American Flag.🔴⚪🔵

I’m versatile and stretch up to 4″ in diameter. So, whether you’re a strapping lad or a dainty damsel, I will snuggle comfortably on your wrist, adding that patriotic charm to your persona. My weight is merely 0.045 lbs, light as a feather, making sure not to weigh down your celebrations.🎉🥂

Folks, I’m no ordinary bracelet! I come with two replaceable CR1625 batteries. Flip my switch on the side, and BOOM! You’re ready to shine. Like the steady glow of liberty, my light doesn’t flicker but holds strong, reflecting your patriotic pride.💡💪

For those attending their first ever 4th of July bash, I’m the ideal companion.🗽As your wrist moves to the rhythm of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” I’ll flash in sync, creating an enchanting light show. Wearing me, you’ll not only be dressed to impress but also express a sentiment of national pride and unity.🎶🎊

So, let’s seize the night, shall we? Light up your 4th of July with the Starry Independence Illumi-Band. Together, we’ll make this celebration an illuminated declaration of your freedom spirit. Be ready to step into the soiree and hear the “oohs” and “aahs” as you steal the show. After all, what’s a party without a little flashing and blinking, right? 😉💖