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Rubber Frosted Blue Bracelet


  • 🎇 Meet Larry, the dazzling Blue LED Steady Illumination Bracelet perfect for parties, scavenger hunts, and more.
  • 🌠 With striking blue LED lights, Larry ensures you’re the center of attention, lighting up any gathering like 4th of July fireworks.
  • 🎈 This LED Bracelet was born from a spirited town-wide scavenger hunt, infusing a sense of camaraderie and American history into its design.
  • 💡 Powered by (2) CR1625 replaceable batteries, Larry keeps the party going, ensuring his lights never dim and the fun never ends.
  • ⚖️ Despite weighing a mere 0.045 lbs, Larry is a heavyweight when it comes to illuminating your adventures.
  • 🤏 With a band stretching up to 4 inches in diameter, this stretchable LED Bracelet comfortably fits most wrists – truly, one size fits all!
  • 🔵  Larry’s LED lights bring the feeling of the Fourth of July celebrations to your wrist, making you the light of the party.
  • 💫 Activating Larry is as simple as flipping a switch on the side. Let there be light!
  • 🔄 When  Larry’s light starts to fade, just replace the batteries and he’s back in action.
  • 👏  Larry isn’t just an accessory – he’s a companion, ready to light up your world one wrist at a time.
Quantity Price
1-2 $2.29
3-8 $2.24
9-11 $2.19
12-71 $2.14
72-143 $2.09
144-287 $1.99
288-575 $1.89
576-1151 $1.79
1152+ $1.74

Well, howdy there! 👋 I’m known as Larry, your go-to  light up bracelet. Now, saddle up, buttercup, and hold onto your britches because I’m about to light up your world with my tale. 🎆

You see, I was born out of a good ol’ scavenger hunt. This ain’t your average Easter egg hunt, no siree. This is a nail-biting, head-scratching, history-riddling affair that would make even ol’ Ben Franklin scratch his balding noggin. And amidst all this brain-busting fun, yours truly, Larry, was a beacon of blue, solving puzzles and bringing together folks quicker. 🧩🎉

Now, don’t let my weight fool ya, partner. I might weigh just 0.045 lbs, but I’m jam-packed with enough light to turn the darkest night into a daylight disco. Need a little more stretch? No worries there! I’m as flexible as an Olympic gymnast – my band stretches up to a whopping 4 inches in diameter! I’m the bracelet that fits everyone, making the one-size-fits-most mantra my own! 👌🤸‍♂️

As for how to wake me from my beauty sleep, it’s easy peasy, lemon squeezy! Just flip my little switch on the side, and BAM! 💥 I’m all aglow, ready to party or help you navigate the next stage of your scavenger hunt. And when I start to get a little dim, just pop in my batteries, and I’m good as new! 🔄🔋

So, what say you, partner? Ready to light up your life with Larry, the most dazzling accessory on this side of the Mississippi? Let’s embark on this luminous adventure together, one wrist at a time! 🌟🔵🎆

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