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Non-Light Up Red White and Blue Metallic Stars Necklaces Pack of 12

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Product Description

This Red White and Blue Metallic Stars Necklaces Pack of 12  suits for all types of personalities and mood. Wear these little metallic stars into your most awaited Mardi gras parade, this is also appropriate to all kinds of celebrations and great decorations for tables, lamps and around appetizers.

We all know that, necklace is an integral part of an OOTD, add this decorative beads around and you’re more than ready to rock the party!

Star Necklaces are sold in Packs of 12, so when you purchase 1 you will receive 12 Star Necklaces. When you purchase 2, you will receive 24 Star Necklaces, and so on.

NOTE: This item does NOT Light Up, Flash, or Blink. Dimensions: Length: 17.5 in. , 44.45 cm.

Necklace Colors: Red, Silver and Blue

Additional Information

Weight 0.36 lbs
Dimensions .1 x .1 x .1 in

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