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Red Red Clip On Earring Clasp Flashing Body Light Lapel Pins Pack of 25


LED Colors: Red
Batteries: (2) CR927, Replaceable
Dimensions: Diameter: 0.6″
Printable: Yes
Weight: 0.01 lbs
Packs per box: 2000


Quantity Price
1 $29.99
2-3 $29.94
4-7 $29.89
8-12 $29.49
13-19 $29.09
20-29 $28.59
30-39 $28.29
40+ $27.99

Hey there! 😁 My name is Rudy, your new Radiant Red LED Pin. You might be wondering, “Why the name Rudy?” Well, it’s because I flash with a vibrant red light, and I’m ready to add a pop of color and fun to your life! 🚨

I was born under the bright fireworks of the 4th of July, and I’m perfect for any festive occasion, whether it’s a celebration of Independence Day, a holiday party, or even just for a little everyday fun. 🎇

Standing at a proud 0.47″ in diameter and weighing a minuscule 0.011 lbs, I’m small but mighty! My LED color is a brilliant red, and with two CR927 batteries powering me up, I’m always ready to shine. 💪🔋

I’m super easy to activate – just twist my backing clockwise until it’s tight, and voila, I’m on! To turn me off, twist the backing the other way around. And no worries about running out of juice – my batteries are replaceable! How convenient is that? 🔄

The best part about me? I’m a clip-on! 📎 You can attach me anywhere – on your shirt as a faux button, on your ears like earrings, or just about anywhere else. I’m not just a pin, I’m a fashion statement. But, please note, I’m a solo artist, not a duet. I come individually packed, ready to add a little sparkle wherever I go! 💖

With my blinking red light, I’m the perfect way to add a touch of funky, fabulous flair to any outfit or occasion. So why wait? Light up your life with Rudy the Radiant Red LED Pin – because every day is a day to shine! 💃🔆🕺

  • Rudy the Radiant Red LED Pin 🔴 is your go-to accessory for a vibrant pop of color at any celebration or even a casual day out! 🎉
  • With a powerful LED color of red 🔴, Rudy shines brightly to stand out wherever you clip it! 💫
  • Rudy is powered by two CR927 batteries 🔋, ensuring a long-lasting, radiant glow to accompany you through your festivities.🕺
  • Need a break from the fun? Rudy’s easy deactivation mechanism ⏮️ helps save power when not in use. Just twist the backing counterclockwise! 🔄
  • Compact and lightweight 🪶, Rudy is only 0.47″ in diameter and weighs a mere 0.011 lbs, making it effortless to wear and carry around! 🎒
  • Rudy is easily activated ⏭️ by a simple twist of the backing clockwise until tight, making it user-friendly and efficient! 👌
  • Rudy comes with replaceable batteries 🔋🔄, ensuring that the fun never has to stop – simply change the batteries and keep the party going! 🎊
  • The convenient clip-on 📎 feature allows you to attach Rudy anywhere – be it your shirt, ears, or any desired location. Its versatility is a fashion game-changer! 👕👂
  • Note: Rudy the Radiant Red LED Pin 🚨 doesn’t come in pairs. Each is individually packed, ready to shine solo in its own unique way! 📦
  • Rudy’s red LEDs flash in a dazzling display, creating a fun, vibrant accessory that’s sure to be a hit at any occasion! 🎆