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Red LED Patrol Light Up Wand



✨ I’m an 8.25-inch Red LED Patrol Wand, perfect for illuminating your path during covert operations and emergency situations. My slender body ensures that I’m always easy to handle and maneuver. 🌃

🔋 Powered by 3 replaceable AG13 batteries, I ensure you have a reliable light source whenever you need it. My energy-efficient design means I’ll last longer and shine brighter during those crucial moments. 💡

🚦 As a multi-function LED Wand, I come with 7 light modes to suit any situation: still light, flash, blink, vertical flash, random twinkle, fast flash, and up/down flash. You can count on me to signal the way! 🚨

🔴 My radiant red light not only catches attention but also aids in visibility and safety during nighttime operations, roadside assistance, or directing traffic. I’m your ultimate safety companion! 🌟

💼 With my compact dimensions (Wand Length: 8.25″, Lanyard Length: 27″, Weight: 0.086 lbs), I’m easy to store in your vehicle, utility belt, or bag, ensuring I’m always within reach during emergencies. 🚗

🚧 I come with a 27-inch breakaway lanyard, allowing you to wear me around your neck or secure me to your belt for quick access. The breakaway clasp ensures safety in case it gets caught on something. 🎖

🌊 My water-resistant design allows me to function in various weather conditions, so whether it’s rain or shine, I’m your steadfast beacon of light in any situation. ☔

🌐 As a Lighted Safety Marshalling Wand, I’m perfect for aviation ground support, ensuring safe and efficient guidance for aircraft on the tarmac or during taxi operations. 🛬

🚒 I’m the ideal Emergency Signal Light Wand for first responders, roadside assistance, construction sites, or event management, providing clear communication and enhanced safety in high-traffic environments. 🚧

🔄 To activate me, simply remove the pull-tab from my battery compartment (located in the bottom half of the wand) and press the button to cycle through my 7 light functions. Let’s light up the night together! 🎇

Quantity Price
1-5 $1.99
6-11 $1.97
12-71 $1.94
72-143 $1.89
144-287 $1.84
288-575 $1.74
576-1151 $1.64
1152+ $1.59

Introducing Scarlet Rodrigo, your reliable undercover partner in crime-fighting, equipped with the Red LED Patrol Wand! 🚔👮‍♀️ I’m not your typical LED Wand; I am Scarlet Rodrigo, here to illuminate your path to justice with my captivating red light. 💃🚨

As an 8.25-inch Lighted Safety Marshalling Wand, I’m perfect for covert operations, slipping into tight spaces and keeping us under the radar as we bring those lawbreakers to justice. 🕵️‍♀️🔦

Equipped with 7 light functions, I am a Multi-function LED Wand designed for all your emergency signal needs. Whether you require a still light, flash, blink, vertical flash, random twinkle, fast flash, or up/down flash, I’m here to assist you. 🚦✨

As a LED Traffic Safety Wand, I come with a 27-inch breakaway lanyard, ensuring that I’m always ready to help you direct traffic or guide pedestrians during any emergency. 🚧🚶‍♀️

Powered by 3 replaceable AG13 batteries, I’m an Emergency Signal Light Wand that won’t let you down when you need me the most. Don’t let my 0.086 lbs weight fool you; I’m a powerful ally in the fight against crime. 💪🔋

With Scarlet Rodrigo, the ultimate Patrol Wand, by your side, you’ll be unstoppable in your quest to uphold the law and maintain order. Get ready to light up the night and catch those bad guys with this dazzling Safety Wand! 🌃👊


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