Red LED Foam Cheer Sticks


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You may also see: Purple, Pink, Orange, Jade, Blue and White.

Seasonal and occasional cheer sticks: Patriotic, Halloween

Make your party more colorful with our Red LED Foam Cheer Sticks. This is perfect for variety of recreational decorative and gives out light equably through the sponge rod. If you want to get your kicks, get some flashing thunder sticks. Pick a color to fit your theme. Or even represent your team.

To activate your Red LED Foam Cheer Sticks, push the button on the under side. LED Functions: Fast Flash, Slow Flash, Still Light.

Note: These foam sticks are white with red LEDs.

Dimensions: Height 16 in. Diameter 1.50 in.

LED Colors: 3 Red

LED Foam Cheer Sticks include 3 replaceable AG13 Batteries.