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Red Heart Flashing Battery Operated Body Light Lapel Pins


🤏 Compact Dimensions: Sized at a nifty 1.1″ x 1″, it’s compact enough to be unobtrusive, yet noticeable enough to make a statement.

🎖️ Perfect 10 Score: With this LED Heart Pin, you’re not just wearing a pin, you’re making a statement that’s nothing short of a perfect ten.

💼 Lightweight Yet Powerful: Weighing in at just 0.013 lbs, Herty might be light, but it carries an undeniable presence wherever it goes.

🔋 Replaceable Batteries: Powered by two CR927 batteries, the fun doesn’t stop. The replaceable feature ensures endless nights of luminous memories.

💃 Chasing Light Functionality: One push of a button and Herty springs to life, displaying a chasing light function that’ll surely capture attention.

🚀 Easy Activation: Say goodbye to complexities. Pull the tab, press the button, and let Herty work its magic, brightening up any setting.

📌 Safety First: No more worries about losing your heart (pin)! Herty comes with a safety pin ensuring it stays snug and safe.

💘 Romance Amplifier: Looking to add a touch of romance? This LED Heart Pin is your go-to accessory, making every day feel like Valentine’s Day.

🌎 Universal Appeal: Perfect for parties, events, or just a day out, Herty is versatile and suits any occasion that calls for a bit of sparkle.

😂 Fun-filled Companion: Not just a pin, but a partner in fun! Herty promises laughter, joy, and a sprinkle of love wherever you go.

Quantity Price
1-4 $1.79
5-9 $1.78
10-24 $1.77
25-49 $1.74
50-99 $1.69
100-199 $1.64
200-499 $1.59
500-999 $1.49
1000+ $1.44

Hey there! It’s me, Herty, your soon-to-be favorite LED Heart Pin. 😉

Some may say size matters, but even though I weigh just a mere 0.013 lbs, I’m bursting with so much charm and charisma that I’ll make you forget about those other ordinary pins. ❤️

Dreaming of a flashy way to catch someone’s eye? With my radiant red LED glow, I’m on a mission to ensure you’re the talk of the town and are always scoring a ‘Perfect 10’ in the flair department. 💡❤️

Power? Oh, honey, I’ve got it! I come to life with two CR927 batteries. And guess what? They’re replaceable! This isn’t some summer fling – we’re in it for the long, luminous haul. You and me? We’re going to create countless twinkling memories together. 🔋❤️

Worried about how to handle all this brilliance? Fear not! Just give my tab a gentle tug (remember, I’m sensitive) and tap my button. And, BAM! I’ll dazzle you with my chasing light function. Fair warning though: Prepare for a shower of compliments and some ‘where did you get that?’ queries. 😉

And because I care about our bond, I’ve got a safety pin attachment. I’m not the kind of heart that lets go easily. I stick by you through thick and thin, close to your heart, lapel, or anywhere else you deem worthy of my fabulousness. 📌❤️

Let’s face it: love can be messy, unpredictable, and, at times, just plain confusing. But with me in your life? Love is easy, shiny, and oh-so-fun. Let’s embark on this radiant journey together, lighting up rooms, hearts, and faces, one blink at a time. ❤️🌍🌟

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
frank bartleucci
Red Flashing Heart Body Lapel Pin

Very nice product; nicely priced; fast delivery; would buy again! THANKS!


Loving this heart pin from Blinkee. Fast shipping got the mail just in time for Valentine's Day!

so cute..

I love this cute little red heart pin. I easily pins on and I can wear it as a regular pin with the button off. Or I can blink it if I want. I'm ready for Valentine's Day now.