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Red Glow Drinking Straws Pack of 25


  • 🌟 Illuminate your party with Rudy the Radiant Rumbler! These Red Glow Straws turn any ordinary drink into an extraordinary light show!🍹
  • 🕺 Perfect for nightclubs, glow parties, or any event held in low light, Rudy ensures your celebration is far from dull.💃
  • 🚫 Rudy’s glow doesn’t require any batteries! Simply crack the glow along the length of the straw, shake, and you’re all set!💥
  • ⚖️ With a light weight of 0.022 lbs, Rudy’s easy to handle but packs a heavy punch when it comes to livening up your party!🎉
  • 💡 Rudy provides a bright, steady red glow that lasts the length of your event, keeping your drinks and your spirits bright.🍸
  • 💼 Rudy the Radiant Rumbler comes in packs of 25, perfect for larger gatherings or to keep on hand for impromptu get-togethers.🎈
  • 🔴 The straws are a vibrant red, the color of excitement and passion – a perfect match for any lively event!🔥
  • 🌈 Rudy does not use LED lights but instead glows like a traditional glow stick – a classic party accessory with a twist!🍭
  • 🎆 These straws make for great party photos! Capture the glow and make your social media feeds shine with fun!📸
  • 🍻 With Rudy the Radiant Rumbler, every sip is a celebration! Add fun and flair to your event with these glow straws!🎊
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1 $14.69
2 $14.64
3 $14.49
4 $14.29
5 $13.99
6 $13.89
7 $13.79
8 $13.69
9+ $13.49

Hello, everyone! I’m Rudy the Radiant Rumbler, your glowing straw superhero, here to save your party from the depths of dullness!💥🍹

Turn those yawn-worthy cocktails into hypnotic potions with me. I shine bright red, the color of passion and fun, perfect for a nightclub or a glow party, or just any occasion where the lights are low and spirits are high!💃🔥

You won’t need batteries for my glow, because I’m self-sufficient! Just crack along my length, give me a quick shake, drop me in your drink, and let the magic happen! 💫🍸

I might seem lightweight, but don’t let my 0.022 lbs fool you. I carry the weight of the party on my shoulders…well, on my length, actually! 😄⚖️

Once I start glowing, there’s no stopping me. My luminescence won’t fade until your party’s over. So, keep sipping and let the good times roll!💡🍷

Now here’s the deal, folks. I’m not just any other straw. I come in lots of 25 ONLY. When you invite Rudy to your party, be prepared for a grand glowing bash!😉🎉

So, here’s the thing. I don’t use LED lights. I’m more of a glow-stick straw guy, you see. It’s just as well, because I’m enough to light up your party…and your Instagram feed!📸🌟

Get ready to stir up some excitement, because when Rudy the Radiant Rumbler is at your party, every sip is a celebration!🎈🌈