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Purple LED Patrol Light Wand


🍇 Radiant Purple Brilliance: Immerse in the rich hue of Purlene, the Purple LED Patrol Wand, turning ordinary nights into vibrant spectacles of color and light.

🌌 The Halloween Glow-Up: Elevate your Halloween festivities with Purlene, ensuring not just a hint of spooky, but a bucketful of brightness and style.

🕺 Dominate Every Dance Floor: With its 7 captivating light modes, from a gentle still light to an energetic up/down flash, Purlene ensures you’re the star of every show.

🔋 Everlasting Energetic Glow: Powered by three AG13 batteries, Purlene promises a long-lasting shine. Plus, they’re replaceable for endless nights of dancing and dazzle.

🦄 Safety in Stylish Design: Sporting an 8.25-inch stature, this wand guarantees visibility for kids during their Halloween candy hunts, merging both safety and panache.

🎉 The Ultimate Party Prop: Whether it’s a Halloween bash or a regular shindig, Purlene, with its radiant glow, is sure to be the most sought-after accessory in the crowd.

🍬 Transform Traditional Treats: Ditch the clichéd candy. Hand out Purlene as a Halloween gift, ensuring your house is remembered for its innovative and lit surprises.

📿 Chic and Functional Lanyard: Swing or wear Purlene with ease, thanks to its 27-inch lanyard. Its break-away clasp ensures hassle-free dancing and movement.

🚀 Swift and Simple Activation: Dive into Purlene’s diverse light functions effortlessly. Just remove the pull-tab and press away to explore its luminous magic.

🎈 Feather-Light and Fabulous: Weighing a mere 0.086 lbs, Purlene guarantees endless fun without being burdensome, ensuring you glow without the load.

Quantity Price
1-5 $1.99
6-11 $1.97
12-71 $1.94
72-143 $1.89
144-287 $1.84
288-575 $1.74
576-1151 $1.64
1152+ $1.59

Hey folks! It’s me, Purlene, your radiant Purple LED Patrol Wand! 💜🔮

Got those groovy vibes? Ready to boogie on the dance floor? Well, you’re in luck because with me around, you won’t just dance, you’ll illuminate! With a flick and a swing, watch how I light up every move you make.💃✨

Draped in a chic 27-inch lanyard, I am the perfect accessory to drape around your neck. Worried about getting too tangled up in your own killer dance moves? My easy break-away clasp ensures we keep the groove without any snags.🕺🎵

Planning a Halloween bash? Let me be the star of your spooky show! Let’s transform Halloween from creepy to cutesy, with a dash of dazzling purple. Kids sprinting from one house to another? I promise to keep them shining bright and in sight.🌌👻

And come on, why stick to the old candy routine when you can hand out something as splendid as me? Think about it: every time they flash, twinkle, or blink with me, they’ll remember the awesome house that upped the Halloween game!🍭➡️🔮

A little bit about my fabulous self: I bathe in a brilliant purple hue, run on three AG13 batteries (yep, replaceable because we believe in second chances), and I’m as light as the fluffiest marshmallow, weighing only 0.086 lbs.🍇🦄

Switching up my style? Easy peasy! Remove the pull-tab and hit that button to see me do my magic in 7 different ways. From a serene still light to an electrifying fast flash, I’ve got moves you’ve never seen before.🚦⚡

So, whether you’re looking to be the center of attention, or simply to add a splash of safety and style to your Halloween, remember Purlene, and let’s make this season truly sparkle!✨🎉

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