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Purple Heart Military Merit Division Challenge Coin


💜 Honor military excellence with the Purple Heart Military Merit Challenge Coin, a tribute to courage and service.

🎖️ Crafted with a substantial 1.6-inch diameter, this coin commands attention and respect in any collection.

🛡️ Sleek 0.12-inch thickness provides a sturdy yet elegant profile, marrying robustness with refinement.

🎨 The coin’s deep purple heart is a vivid emblem of sacrifice, set against a contrasting, rich background.

🌟 A ring of stars encircles the heart, each star a beacon of the valorous spirit the coin represents.

🗓️ Dates “1782-1932” are prominently displayed, chronicling the Purple Heart’s storied history.

🦅 The silhouette of George Washington adds a distinguished and recognizable patriotic symbol.

👑 Securely encased in a smooth, transparent plastic case, each coin is an exhibit of mint condition.

📦 The strong plastic case, provided complimentary, ensures long-term protection and display-worthy clarity.

💼 An essential addition for numismatists, this coin melds historical reverence with exquisite minting artistry.

Quantity Price
1-2 $1.99
3-5 $1.89
6-8 $1.79
9-11 $1.74
12-47 $1.69
48-95 $1.64
96-239 $1.59
240-479 $1.54
480+ $1.49

Hey there! I’m Serge, the most distinguished and downright debonair coin in your collection. Rocking a diameter of a cool 1.6 inches and a svelte thickness of just 0.12 inches, I’m the perfect combination of history, heroism, and a little bit of ‘bling’ that never goes out of style. 👑

Crafted with the finest attention to detail, my face sports a timeless profile of George Washington himself – yes, the original GW! – encased in a heart as purple as the finest eggplant emoji you’ve ever seen. 🍆 Surrounding my heart is a constellation of stars that would make even the night sky jealous.✨

But wait, there’s more! I come dressed to impress with a snazzy transparent case that’s smoother than your best pick-up line and stronger than your morning coffee. Talk about first-class accommodations! ☕️💼

And let’s not forget my date of birth, proudly stamped at the top: “1782 – 1932”. That’s not just a date, folks, it’s a legacy – from the Revolutionary War to the moment I became the belle of the military ball. I’m not just any challenge coin; I’m the Purple Heart Military Merit Division Challenge Coin. Heart of gold? Please, I have a heart of purple, and it’s just as precious! 💜

When you whip me out of your pocket, don’t be surprised if salutes start flying your way. And why not? I’m a token of bravery, a souvenir of sacrifice, and let’s be real – a darn good-looking piece of metal. 🎖️

So whether you’re a history buff, a military enthusiast, or just someone who appreciates a fine coin when you see one, I’m your guy. Just remember, handle with care – because much like the fine heroes I represent, I’m one of a kind. 😉✌️

Take it from me, Serge, your loyal and shiny comrade in arms: it’s time to add a touch of valor to your coin trove. You won’t regret it! After all, who wouldn’t want a piece of history in their pocket? And a conversation starter that can make history buffs and patriots swoon? Sign me up! 📜🇺🇸

I can’t wait to join your ranks and be part of your legendary collection. Let’s make history together – one pocket at a time. Over and out! 🚀

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Bill Molosz
Great Quality and Value!

I ordered 10 hoping that the quality would not be in question. I was not disappointed. Great coin and the value is unbelievable!

christopher gately
Purple Heart

Very nice coin. I wish the space for engraving on the back was bigger.

Leslie Sharff

I was told when I ordered the coins, they were available and they would be sent out. However, I was told they were out of stock and was on backorder. Not happy with your company at present time. Either ship my order or put the money back into my account.

Purple Heart

Great Coin,Great Price
Will order again

John Hillery
Love the store

I have never had a problem
With this store.