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Punk Rock LED Mohawk Wig


  • 🤘 Unleash Your Inner Rockstar!: Introducing the Punk Rock Mohawk Wig, an audacious blend of classic punk vibes with futuristic Blinking Red LEDs to keep you in the spotlight.🎸
  • 💡 Dazzling LED Brilliance: Powered by vivacious red LEDs, this wig is not just about the looks, but the luminous aura it casts, setting you apart from any crowd.🔥
  • 🔋 Always Party-Ready: With (3) AG13 batteries fueling Viggy’s LED glow, worry not about dimming out. Bonus: They’re replaceable, ensuring the punk energy never dwindles!🔌
  • 🕺 One Size to Rock Them All: Crafted meticulously, Viggy ensures a snug fit for most head sizes, making it the ideal party accessory for everyone!🎉
  • 🤙 Epic Light Show with a Click: A white button concealed within brings Viggy to life, radiating a solo blinking light function, turning heads wherever you go!🎇
  • 🪶 Light as a Feather: Despite its glowing personality, Viggy weighs a mere 0.404 lbs, ensuring your headbanging sessions are as comfortable as they’re vibrant.🎈
  • 🎁 Gift Ready Glam: Planning to surprise a fellow punk enthusiast? Viggy comes individually wrapped, embodying the perfect blend of quirk and charisma.🎀
  • 🍀 Eco-Conscious Design: Rejoice in the knowledge that Viggy, with its replaceable batteries, underscores the importance of sustainable partying!♻️
  • 🎤 Versatile Vibes: Perfect for concerts, parties, themed events or just a night out, Viggy promises to be your glowing companion through all adventures!🌟
  • 💥 Standout Style Statement: Don Viggy and let the world know you’re not just here to blend in, but to light up the stage with unmatched punk flair!🚀
Quantity Price
1-2 $5.79
3-5 $5.74
6-8 $5.69
9-11 $5.64
12-47 $5.59
48-95 $5.49
96-239 $5.29
240-479 $4.99
480+ $4.89

🤘 Hey rockstars! It’s me, Viggy, the Punk Rock Mohawk Wig with that flashy Blinking Red LED twist! 🎸

🎤 Thinking of rocking the stage or just a Friday night out with your crew? Buddy, I’ve got your head covered, literally. My radiant red LEDs aren’t just for show; they’re a statement. A statement that says, “Look at me! I’m the life of the party!”

🔴 With my fire-like LEDs, I promise to keep the punk alive and flashing. Wear me to concerts, raves, or even while you’re grocery shopping because, let’s be honest, the cereal aisle deserves a performance! 😎

💡 Powering me up is a cinch! Got three AG13 batteries? Yep, that’s all I need. And the best part? They’re replaceable! That means our rocking nights are limitless.

🦄 I’m not just a one-trick pony. Push my white button, and I’ll gift you with my solo blinking light function. One size fits most, so whether you’re headbanging or just nodding to the rhythm, I’ve got you snug and tight. With a weight of just 0.404 lbs, you won’t even remember you’re wearing the epitome of punk coolness!

🔋 Out of juice after too much rocking out? Fret not! My LED power source can be refreshed with some new AG13 batteries. Just remember, every punk legend needs their backup gear!

🎁 If you’re thinking of gifting a piece of punk paradise, know that I come individually wrapped. Because every star deserves a grand entrance!

💥 To all the party animals out there, let’s make every night legendary. Together, we won’t just light up the room; we’ll set it on fire (metaphorically, of course).

🤪 So, ready to take the punk plunge? Hop on the Viggy train, and let’s make every moment electrifyingly unforgettable! Rock on! 🚀

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