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Pumpkin Jack O Lantern Candy Bucket Flashing Handle


🎃 Meet Crypt-kooky, your perfect Halloween companion in the form of a Pumpkin Light Handle Halloween LED Bucket.

🍬 Leave behind the old pillowcases and boring candy pails, Crypt-kooky is here to revolutionize your Trick-or-Treat experience.

💡 Featuring a light-up handle, Crypt-kooky ensures you stay safe and visible on your All Hallows’ Eve candy collection spree.

🎭 Sporting a fun and spooky smiling pumpkin face, Crypt-kooky is all about keeping the Halloween spirit alive.

📏 With a height of 6.5″ and a diameter of 8.5″, Crypt-kooky provides ample space for all the Halloween candy your heart desires.

👻 Weighing a mere 0.58 lbs, Crypt-kooky is light and easy to carry, making him the perfect companion for a long night of Trick-or-Treating.

🔋 Powered by three AG13 batteries, Crypt-kooky is all set to illuminate your Halloween adventures.

🎆 Crypt-kooky features three LED functions – Strobe, Blink, and a Slow Flash/Blink Combo, offering a mini Halloween light show at your fingertips.

🌟 Activating Crypt-kooky is a breeze, simply press the button on the back of the handle to cycle through the LED functions.

🎊 Crypt-kooky, the Light Up Halloween Candy Pail, is here to make your Halloween celebrations more fun, safe, and memorable!

Quantity Price
1-3 $4.79
4-6 $4.74
7-11 $4.69
12-23 $4.64
24-71 $4.59
72-143 $4.49
144-431 $4.39
432-863 $4.29
864+ $3.99

Hi there! I’m Crypt-kooky, your Pumpkin Light Handle Halloween LED Bucket! 🎃

Move over pillowcases and snooze-fest candy pails, I’m here to add a dash of light and a ton of fun to your All Hallows’ Eve festivities! I’m not just your average bucket; I’m your ticket to the ultimate Trick-or-Treat experience! 🍬

Sporting a joyfully eerie smiling pumpkin face, I’m ready to collect all the candy your heart desires. I’m all about that spooky vibe, but I also prioritize safety. My handle lights up to make sure you stay seen and safe during your night-time candy quest. 🌃

I stand tall at 6.5″, and my diameter spans a whopping 8.5″. Weighing only 0.58 lbs, I’m light enough to carry around comfortably all night. 🍭

Power me up with three AG13 batteries, and get ready to watch me come to life! The button at the back of my handle is your key to activating my LED function. Tap it once, and I’ll strobe. Tap it twice, and I’ll blink. Tap it thrice, and I’ll give you a Slow Flash/Blink Combo. It’s like a mini Halloween light show right in your hands! 💡

Remember, I’m not just a LED Jack-o’-lantern Trick or Treat Bucket. I’m your partner in crime this Halloween’s eve, ready to light the way as you embark on your candy collection spree. Get ready to have the best Trick-or-Treat experience ever with me, Crypt-kooky! 🎃👻🍭


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