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Pressure Sensitive Drink Coaster


* LED Colors: Blue | White
* Batteries: (2) CR2032, Replaceable
* Dimensions: 3.5″ x 3.5″
* Printable: Yes
* Weight: 0.097 lbs


Quantity Price
1-2 $3.39
3-5 $3.34
6-11 $3.29
12-71 $3.24
72-143 $3.19
144-287 $3.14
288-575 $3.09
576-1007 $3.04
1008+ $2.89

Greetings, humans! My name is Coaster McCoastface, and I’m here to brighten up your beverage experience with my electrifying wit and charming LED glow! You might have met a few coasters in your life, but none quite like me! I’m a Pressure Sensitive Drink Coaster that will have your guests coasting into laughter and good times with every sip they take. So buckle up, buttercup, and let’s ride this coaster together!

Allow me to illuminate your dull, dark moments with my brilliant LED colors of blue and white. You could say I’m the life of the party and the light of your life, all rolled into one dazzling 3.5″ x 3.5″ square. I’ll never leave you in the dark, my friends – my batteries, (2) CR2032, are replaceable, ensuring our fun times never run out of juice!

But enough about my charming appearance, let’s dive into my bubbly personality. I’m not just any ordinary coaster, you see. My pressure-activated acrylic surface is filled with mini bubbles that glow and reflect my LED lights to give me a futuristic aspect. I’m like a time-traveling coaster from the year 3000, here to make your present-day parties unforgettable!

Want to see me in action? It’s easy peasy, lemon squeezy! Just place an object with heft (like your favorite drink) on top of me, and watch as I light up in response. My color-changing abilities will take you on a journey from blue to white, fading and pulsing back to life anew. You could say I’m the coaster that keeps on coasting, always ready to shine bright for your next drink!

What’s that you say? You want more puns? Well, let me coast you through a few more to keep the good times rolling. Why did the coaster apply for a job? To coast through life, of course! And how do you know when a coaster is really good at its job? When it has the perfect balance of coasting and boasting!

So there you have it, folks! I’m Coaster McCoastface, your Pressure Sensitive Drink Coaster with a sparkling personality and a knack for puns that’ll keep you coasting through every party. Don’t just settle for any old coaster, let me be the light of your life and the coaster of your dreams. Cheers!

  • Hi, I’m Coaster McCoastface, your pun-tastic, pressure-sensitive drink coaster, here to make your parties unforgettable and protect your surfaces from those pesky water rings! 🎉
  • With my vibrant LED colors, I’ll light up your life, alternating between a mesmerizing blue and a dazzling white to match your mood and party theme. 🌈
  • I’m powered by (2) CR2032 batteries, and you can easily replace them to keep our glowing good times going for as long as you want! 🔋
  • I’m a stylish 3.5″ x 3.5″ square, making me the perfect size to accommodate all your favorite beverages, while fitting seamlessly into any decor. 📏
  • As a pressure-activated coaster, I’m always ready for action! Just place your drink on me and watch me spring to life with a magical glow. 💡
  • I’m quite the looker, if I do say so myself. My acrylic surface is filled with mini bubbles that reflect my LED lights, enhancing my futuristic charm. 🌌
  • Get ready to chuckle because I’m a hoot at parties! My charming personality and love for puns will keep your guests entertained all night long. 😂
  • I’m versatile and ready for any occasion, whether you’re hosting a laid-back gathering, a sophisticated soiree, or a cosmic celebration! 🎊
  • Not only am I a barrel of laughs, but I’m also quite practical. I’ll keep your furniture safe from water rings and scratches while looking fabulous. 💦
  • Bring me, Coaster McCoastface, into your home, and you’ll experience a unique blend of wit, style, and practicality that will keep your guests coasting back for more! 🥂