Premium Purple LED Sunglasses


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These premium LED sunglasses have 8 modes of operation vs. our ordinary purple LED sunglasses that have three modes and a pushbutton. As fun as fun gets – face lights for the masses. There’s nothing cooler than flashing sunglasses. Blinking shades are great for girls or for boys. These aren’t really for sun. They’re only toys. These glasses fit most in one comfortable size. Freak out your friends with lights from your eyes. They blink or glow steadily. Each one’s installed readily with three AG13 batteries and packed individually. LED Sunglasses do not protect the eyes from the sun and are intended for novelty purposes only. They do not protect the eyes from UVA, UVV, or any other type of UV Rays. Size: One size fits most. LED Colors: 12 Purple Sunglasses Colors: Purple Batteries: Includes 3 AG13 Batteries.