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Premium LED Foam Cheer Sticks Red


Quantity Price
1-2 $2.49
3-5 $2.44
6-8 $2.39
9-11 $2.34
12-71 $2.29
72-143 $2.24
144-287 $2.19
288-575 $2.09
576+ $1.99

“Give me a ‘L’! Give me an ‘E’! Give me a ‘D’! What does it spell? LED! And that’s exactly what I am, darling! I’m Cherry Cheery, your LED Foam Cheer Stick, here to bring a red, flashing delight to your life! When you’re holding me, every occasion becomes a cheerleading competition, ready to be lit up! 📣🔥

I’m as light as a feather at a mere 0.258 lbs, perfectly designed at 16″ long and 1.5″ thick. I’m a compact bundle of joy, easy to hold, wave, and twirl around! Take me to your next party, concert, or sporting event and watch me shine. When Cherry’s around, we’re always in winning ground! 🎈✨

I may be small, but boy, can I perform! With a gentle push on my button, I’m here to impress with a blink, a flash, or a steady glow. But wait, there’s more! My light up style is like my cheer routine, it’s all about the variety, darling! 🎉💡

And just when you thought the cheer party was ending, my replaceable AG13 batteries are here to keep the fun going! So no need to worry, with me, Cherry Cheery, the party doesn’t stop! We’ll keep the cheers coming and the lights flashing! ⚡️🔋

How about a cheer, you say? ‘R-E-D, Red’s the color, you see! Light it up, make it glow, Cherry Cheery is ready to go!’ Remember, darling, there’s no party too big or too small, Cherry Cheery is ready to light up them all! So, are you ready to join the cheer party? Let’s light up the world together! 💖🌎”

• Hey there! I’m Cherry Cheery 🍒, your 16″ long and 1.5″ thick light-up companion, ready to illuminate your world with a captivating red glow. You know what they say about the lady in red! 💃💡

• I’m no heavyweight! At just 0.258 lbs, you can carry me around easily. Take me to your games, parties or concerts – I’ll keep the cheers coming! 🎈🏟️

• Power me up with my three AG13 batteries. They’re even replaceable, so our cheer time never has to end! 🎉🔋

• With a simple push of my button, I transform into a radiant spectacle! I can blink, flash, or provide a steady glow, just for you. 💫⚡

• I’m not just your everyday cheer stick, I’m your cheerleader! ‘R-E-D, Let’s go, let’s lead!’ 📣🎆

• Take me to concerts, sporting events, parties, or night-time events. I promise to make every moment ‘cheer-ful’ and exciting! 🎶🏈

• I’m not just a party accessory, I’m a party essential! With me by your side, you’ll always be the life of the party! 🎉🥳

• Wave me, twirl me, hold me high! I’m designed to make you the star of the show! 🌟✨

• Remember, darling, whether it’s a concert gear or a sporting event, I’m the ‘glow-to’ girl. Always ready to light up and cheer up! 🎤🎊

• Cherry Cheery is my name, lighting up is my game. Together, we’ll make every moment shine! So, are you ready to take on the world with me? 🌍💖