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Pink Heart LED Sunglasses


💕 Strike a pose with our Pink Heart LED Shades featuring flirtatiously pink LEDs that add a pop of color to any outfit and mood. 😍💕

💕 Long-lasting glow powered by two AG13 batteries, easily replaceable to keep your heart beating and beaming. 🔋💗

💕 Love at first sight with generous dimensions of 7 inches by 6 inches, creating a bold statement that’s unmissable. 📏❤️

💕 Lens-free design for unobstructed fun, these Novelty Glasses let you see the world through a filter of love. 🚫👓💖

💕 Easy activation with a push-button behind the earpiece, dive into the night with a light that loves to play. 🎉✨

💕 Three enchanting LED functions to choose from: a pulsating flash, a gentle blink, or a steady glow to match your heartbeat. 💓🔦

💕 Crafted for those who love to love, our shades are the perfect companion for festivals, parties, or just spreading cheer. 🎆🕶️

💕 No ordinary accessory, these heart-shaped glasses are a wearable manifestation of your glowing personality. 🎈💡

💕 With every flash, blink, and steady beam, light up the path to romance and adventure, making every moment memorable. 💞🌟

💕 Embrace the spirit of love with every wear, making a luminous statement that’s as bold as it is beautiful. 💝🌈

Quantity Price
1-2 $4.19
3-5 $4.14
6-11 $4.09
12-47 $4.04
48-95 $3.99
96-239 $3.89
240-479 $3.79
480-959 $3.69
960+ $3.59

Hey there, I’m Pitchie, your go-to Pink Heart LED Sunglasses for when you want to show the world a whole lot of love. I’m like that best friend who brings out your brightest smile, especially on Valentine’s Day! 💘😎

Imagine this: you strut down the street, hearts aglow, casting rosy hues on everyone you meet. My fabulous pink LED lights don’t just frame your face; they whisper sweet nothings to passersby, saying, “Hey, let’s spread some cheer!” 💖✨

With a grand size of 7″ x 6″ x 2.5″, I’m not just a subtle wink; I’m a bold statement of affection. And guess what? I’m powered by two AG13 batteries that are replaceable because our bond is forever. 🌹🔋

To light up your look, just tap the button behind the earpiece. You’ll find my 3 LED functions as easy to use as falling in love: a playful flash, a gentle blink, or a steady stream of heartfelt glow. 💓🎆

I’m perfect for those who want to wear their heart on their… face, not just on their sleeve. Whether you’re aiming to catch someone’s eye or just be your fabulous self, I’m here to make it happen. And hey, I make finding your keys in the abyss of your bag a breeze too! 🔑👜

So, why be mundane when you can be magical? Put on Pitchie, and let’s turn every sidewalk into a runway of love. Because in the end, isn’t life just better with a touch of pink and a whole lot of heart? 💕🕶️