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Orange LED Noodle Headband Flashing Dreads


LED Colors: Orange
Batteries: (3) AG13, Replaceable
Dimensions: Width – 12″ x Noodle Length: 15″ (can stretch to approx 30″)
Printable: Yes


Quantity Price
1-5 $4.99
6-8 $4.94
9-11 $4.89
12-47 $4.49
48-95 $4.44
96-239 $4.39
240-479 $4.34
480-959 $4.29
960+ $4.24

As you slip the Orange LED Noodle Headband Flashing Dreads over your head, you feel a sudden chill in the air. The bright orange lights cast an eerie glow around you, illuminating the darkness of the forest. You can hear the rustling of leaves in the wind, and the faint whispers of unknown voices echoing in the distance.

Suddenly, the trees around you start to twist and turn, forming grotesque shapes and shadows that loom ominously over you. You try to run, but your feet are rooted to the spot, trapped in a nightmare that you can’t escape from. The orange LEDs flash and pulse, as if they are alive, drawing you deeper into the darkness.

As you stumble forward, the ground beneath your feet gives way, sending you tumbling down into a pit of darkness. You land with a sickening thud, and feel the sharp sting of pain as your ankle twists awkwardly beneath you.

As you lie there, helpless and alone, you hear a faint whispering in the darkness. You can’t make out what the voices are saying, but they fill you with a sense of dread and unease. Suddenly, the orange LEDs start to flicker and die out, plunging you into total darkness.

You hear a soft, scraping sound, like something dragging itself along the ground. The sound grows louder and closer, until it’s right beside you. You can feel hot breath on your neck, and the sharp prick of claws digging into your flesh.

You scream, but no sound comes out. You try to move, but your body is frozen with fear. The orange LEDs flicker one last time, and then stay on, illuminating the creature that’s been stalking you. It’s a friendly, furry creature, with glowing orange eyes and a wagging tail.

It moves towards you, slowly and deliberately, as if wanting to make friends. You slowly reach out your hand to touch it, and it licks you affectionately. You realize that this creature is just a lost dog, and it had been trying to guide you back to safety.

You follow the dog through the darkness, and it leads you to a clearing where you see a group of friendly campers roasting marshmallows. They greet you warmly and offer you a seat by the fire. The orange LEDs in your headband continue to flicker and pulse, creating a festive atmosphere that puts everyone at ease.

As you sit by the fire and enjoy the warmth and company of your new friends, you realize that the horror of the forest was all in your imagination. The orange LED Noodle Headband Flashing Dreads had just been a harmless accessory that added to the fun of the evening. You take off the headband and place it gently on the ground, knowing that it had served its purpose in leading you to a happy ending.

and for mardi gras dreads: Prepare to embark on a futuristic adventure with the “The Mardi Gras Mane-iac” – the most sought-after headband in the galaxy. Featuring the iconic Mardi Gras colors of purple, gold, and green, this headband boasts 12 bright white LEDs that create a mesmerizing and otherworldly effect.

The unique noodle design of the headband creates a dynamic and flowing appearance, adding to the mystique of the wearer. Each LED light is carefully placed to maximize its impact, creating an alluring and captivating aura around the wearer.

Crafted from cutting-edge materials, the “Mardi GLIMMEREDS” are durable and flexible, fitting comfortably on any head. The advanced control system ensures easy operation of the lights, allowing you to manipulate them in various patterns and speeds for a truly unique and personalized experience.

Whether you’re attending a sci-fi convention, a cosplay event, or just want to add some futuristic flair to your wardrobe, the “The Mardi Gras Mane-iac” will take you to another dimension. Soar through the galaxy in style with the ultimate sci-fi headband – order yours today!

To activate your Orange LED Noodle Headband Flashing Dreads, press the button on top of the black plastic headpiece to activate 1 of 3 flashing functions: Fast flash, slow flash, steady light. Dimensions: Height: 7.50 in. Width: 5.25 in. LED Colors: 12 Orange nclude 3 replaceable AG13 Batteries.

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