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Orange LED Kitty Cat Ear Headband


LED Colors: Orange
Batteries: (2) CR1220, Replaceable
Dimensions: 6.25″ x 6″
Printable: No
Weight: 0.092 lbs


Quantity Price
1-3 $3.59
4-6 $3.54
7-11 $3.49
12-71 $3.44
72-143 $3.39
144-287 $3.29
288-575 $3.19
576-1151 $3.09
1152+ $2.99

Hey, there! Call me Chiller-chuckles, the “purr-fectly” cool Orange Starlight Kitty Ears Light Up Headband! 😸 I’m not just any regular accessory; I’m here to amp up your style and light up your Halloween night with my brilliantly glowing orange LED lights. 😎

My mission? Transform you from a plain Jane or Joe into a fabulously festive feline – whether you’re prowling the neighborhood for the best candy, or elegantly reclining in the corner of a Halloween party, sipping on some “purr-secco.” 🍾

Comfort, you ask? Why, darling, with my lightweight design and ability to stretch, I promise to sit on your head as comfortably as a real cat on a warm and fuzzy rug! After all, discomfort is a ghastly thing that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy! 😺

I come equipped with vivid, orange LEDs powered by (replaceable) CR1220 batteries that promise to outlast even the longest Halloween bash or the most protracted trick-or-treat expedition. My stats? 6.25″ x 6″ in dimension and a weight of only 0.07 lbs, lighter than a kitten’s sneeze! 🎃

Now, let’s talk about my superpowers! To unleash them, remove the pull tab, press the ON/OFF button, and watch me come to life! What’s more, I’ve got three light modes to match every vibe: blink when you’re feeling playful, flash when you’re in a festive frenzy, or steady when you’re chilling like a cool cat! 😹

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s paint the town orange this Halloween! After all, cats do have nine lives, but you only live once, so make it count and make it bright with me, Chiller-chuckles! 🐾🎆

  • 🎃 Get into the Halloween spirit with the Chiller-chuckles Orange Starlight Kitty Ears Light Up Headband. Perfect for feline lovers and party-goers alike.
  • 😸 Boasts a super bright glow with orange LED lights, ensuring you stand out in any crowd, be it trick or treating or a spooky house party.
  • 💡 Offers three dynamic light functions, including blink, flash, and steady modes, allowing you to control the vibe of your ensemble.
  • 🐾 Crafted for comfort, the lightweight and stretchable design of this LED headband ensures a snug fit, regardless of head size.
  • 🔄 Powered by replaceable CR1220 batteries, this headband will keep you glowing throughout the Halloween night and beyond.
  • 📏 With dimensions of 6.25″ x 6″ and a mere weight of 0.07 lbs, this headband is designed to be unintrusive and comfy.
  • 😹 An ideal blend of fun and function, this headband can turn any outfit into an instant Halloween costume.
  • 👍 Easy to operate. Simply remove the pull tab, press the ON/OFF button, and you’re ready to light up the night.
  • 🎉 Makes a great gift or party favor for Halloween-themed events, costume parties, or cosplay.
  • 🌟 With the Chiller-chuckles headband, you’re not just wearing an accessory, you’re becoming a part of the Halloween tradition.